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Arthur Cheung
You're only a stranger once.
You're only a stranger once.

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How do you update the Facebook contact profile picture on a Samsung note 4?

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My Minimal wallpapers

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How do you check your google chrome os version? I have the Acer chromebook and  I can't seem to find the about page in settings anymore :( 

Can a MAC lan adapter work for my C720? If so, does it work on any of the USB ports?

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Where can I buy stickers for the NEXUS lettering on the back of the device? The stock black sticker is starting to peel off.

Thanks :) 

People that use bluetooth speakers - have you noticed that the initial lag seems to be rectified? 

I'm thinking of changing my C720 for the HP Chromebook 11. Would you guys do the same? 

Any one know why the layout on Facebook is messed up on my C720? 

Is there a bug in C720 when using a bluetooth speaker? The sound seems to be 1-2 seconds behind the video?

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Why is there still no audio when playing mkv files? According to this site, it should be supported now? 
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