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Arthur Chang

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Interior Light

2014 Audi S5 // Sony RX1-R

I was surprised at the beautiful light in the car today. Slightly overcast skies, nice new tint job on the car, and some pretty fantastic Audi interior details, made for a good car photo session. Here are some photos of the center column.

I kept the highlights bright, brought up the shadows and darkened the blacks for more isolation and drama. Otherwise barely touched it. Some wacky red bits here and there, probably from interior orange trim lighting, but oh well.

I need to wait for a few more installs on the S5 before I can do a full detail and take her out to the twisties for some proper photos.
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great shots !
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Arthur Chang

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Sunset Supernova

Mount Tamalpais // Sony RX1-R
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Arthur Chang

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Zebra O' Clock

Stacie Hess // Sony RX1R

Afternoon light through the french doors of my home office always casts amazing striped light. Homage to my friend Klo’s genious hashtag.

Always wonderful to spend time and shoot with Stacie Hess.

More on the blog:
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Arthur Chang

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Foggy Rays

Vollmer Peak Trail, Berkeley, CA // Sony RX1r

The fog broke up after the sun rose, so no great sky colors, but beautiful rays through some trees. Nice relaxing sunrise hike today.
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great shot +Arthur Chang 

+Breakfast Club 
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Coffee with Issa

Another addition to my Coffee With series:

This time with the beautiful +Melissa Tạ 

Read more on my blog!
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Arthur Chang

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Sitting Shots

Mount Tamalapis // Sony RX1-R

I've been having a lot of fun with engagement shoots and having the couples sit. The endless ways to intertwine, lean, and hold, is just so facinating.

More on my blog:
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Arthur Chang

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Standard Weather
See more on my blog:

Warm hot days in San Francisco can only mean one thing, foggy sunsets. Glad I ran up here for this one.
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Arthur Chang

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Jury Duty

A valid jury duty excuse should be: Startup founder. You keep me away from my work for more than a day and the entirety of my future will be crushed, thousands of future jobs lost, and thus an increase of crime and need for more jurors.

Also, how is this county so damn big? Just my luck I live on the extreme north end of it, and this court house is 45 minutes away with no traffic, and I'm expected to go at rush hour through the worst parts of bay area traffic.

I'm most likely not going to make it. I have training in the morning to help heal my sprained ankle, which is unfortunately my clutch foot. So here's to potentially 2 hours of traffic on a shit ankle in traffic! I'm going to miss the 9am Jury Duty call by an hour. Then what, do it all over again because I couldn't make the ridiculous drive?

Yeah, let's get a doctor's note a day before by spending hours in an E.R. for something that can be healed with RICE, just so I can make it to Jury Duty.

I really really hate this shit. It could be so much easier.
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devende eukjhsakhd  naosdu falosadhjdmv inglesbhjfvfv (eu nao falo ingles
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Arthur Chang

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Latest Prime Profiles

Just a few changes to the latest Prime project: The most beautiful way to view photos.

Here is the profile of Cris. The algorithm created this, took the best photos from Cris for the last year and put them together.

I discovered Cris' photography while working on the latest iterations of Prime. Decided to check out how Cris' profile would look with the latest layouts and algorithms, and behold, incredible beauty.

Pro users can currently view Flickr and Instagram. I'm working on integrating other services like 500px, Google+/Picasa, and Facebook. All taking a bit of time as I work on this on my spare time in the evenings and some weekends.

Anyway, public profiles are available now, but I'm still waiting on a few last things before giving out too many links ;)

Cheers to those already on Prime!

If you want to keep up with updates and occasional invites for betas, you can follow the blog here:
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Polaroid OneStep

Highway 89 near Lassen Volcanic National Park // Sony RX1r

My coworker gave me this camera for Christmas! He knows I'm a huge fan of mobile photography, most notably Instagram ( so he got me the OG instant camera.

I've never really shot film, let alone polaroids. I got myself a few packs of (expensive) Impossible SX-70 film, and tried my hand at it. After burning through $70 worth of film, I finally got one that was decently exposed.  Still terrible. People are telling me it's not the camera or my abilities, it's the film that sucks. I'll take that excuse!

Wish there was an alternative. At least the camera sits pretty.
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+Arthur Chang so I would love to see more about those photos
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Lead of Product and Engineering at beRecruited
Startup founder, photographer, and software engineer. I'm always coding or taking photos.
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Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, and Photographer

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and love to surround myself with friends and family.  I'm a technology geek with an obsessive startup mentality, a photography nerd, and love to play sports (basketball, tennis, and more).


I am an entrepreneur with a background in software engineering. Most notably, I founded a company in 2009,, backed by investors including Y Combinator, which was acquired in 2011 by I am now the Lead of Product and Engineering (fancy title) of beRecruited.

I often write about ideas, methods, and the business around startups on my blog:


I graduated from UC Santa Barbara’s College of Engineering with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2005. I've been developing and designing products in web and mobile platforms with large corporations and many of my own startups. I'm obsessed with disruptive apps, cutting edge tech, social game mechanics, social network development, software security, and all things code.


Photography is one of my biggest passions. Historically, it has been a hobby of capturing stories within still images. I photograph weddings, engagements, travel destinations, landscapes, various events, and many good cause events as a volunteer.

I shoot with a iPhone 4S and various Nikon SLR gear. I'm available to shoot events, weddings, and engagements. I am also always happy to volunteer my time to photograph good cause events.

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Founded a company funded by Y Combinator, which was then acquired. Can eat 40 "Ling Ling" dumplings from Costco in one sitting.
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