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Arthur Amendt

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Conservative Glen Motz byelection victory speech

'I want to thank Justin Trudeau'
I think Rona helped.
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Arthur Amendt

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Great blue and pink colours.
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That's real nice! But your missing some great weather at home!! Haha. 8 inches of snow and school cancelled today. 
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Arthur Amendt

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Should we because #Telus supports more #tax on Canadians. Great video by Holly Nicholas
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Already cancelled Telus about 3 years ago. Switched to with a dolphintel voip. We use our cell phones in power outages. Went from ~$75/month with Telus to $50.29/month. Saved close to $1000 now. 
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Arthur Amendt

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Alberta's minimum wage is now $12.20/hour!
Now I have to fire someone. SAD. Yes, I am a statistic. I use Alberta people to provide the United States with small square hay bales. Unless I can automate more like +McDonald's is doing by getting rid of the cashers less hay will be produced in Canada --Another good job lossed.
Agriculture doesn't employ the most minimum wage earners, that award goes to the food industry, so hopefully some restaurant will hier my worker and Alberta will be OK. My fear is with lunch now costing $20 per person less people will be able to eat out and thereby negating the need for the restaurant owner to hire someone. With minimum wage increasing 40% increase in 5 years we will soon hit 12% unemployment (record). Only 3.5% to go.
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+Giles Richardson I agree equality among humans fosters cohesiveness. It is just sad that I can't sell any of my hay to the US any more and therefore all Canadians are poorer now.
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Arthur Amendt

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As a solar home owner who has pumped 18 Mwhs into the grid and received only 16 Mwhs from the grid the last 3 years, I feel I am helping the planet enough already. Besides electricity is only 11% of our GHG emissions
It still cost me $1200 per year to be connected to the grid. Maybe I should buy $12,000 worth of lithium batteries and disconnect from the grid. #carbontax
By: Jose Caceres The recent trends on becoming ‘greener’ are not a fad, but are here to stay. The global community is embracing the desire of becoming greener and the concerns on Climate Change are…
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Arthur Amendt

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Venezuela is running out of money hopefully Canada is not next.

When President Nicolas Maduro inherited the Venezuelan Socialist "dream", in April of 2013, just one month after Chavez died, he was facing a mere 53% inflation rate. Today the Venezuelan bolivar is almost worthless, and inflation is creeping to 500%

Alberta’s general minimum wage will have risen 20% -- effective October 1, 2016 it will be $12.20 per hour. Do you think in three years we will have run away inflation like Venezuela? Right now the NDP can still borrow $10.4 billion on a $50 billion budget and only lose one credit rating. We still sit at a double A.

That is $12.50 USD an egg at a grocery, or an egg McMuffin for about $70 USD.
For many Venezuelans, by every economic, social and political measure, their nation is unravelling at breakneck speed.
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Arthur Amendt

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10.9 billion deficit expected in Alberta this year.
If you divide that by 4.2 million you get $2600 per person. If you subtract people under 15 (26.6%) and people over 65 (17.2%) that means the working people each will pay an extra $4475 this year.

I keep wondering what the NDP plan to tax to get that monies back. It would be different if we were getting capital improvements. #alberta #budget 
Alberta Population Projections - Treasury Board and Finance
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Arthur Amendt

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We are back home. Creston BC has a better climate than Grande Prairie Alberta.
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Excellent photos and such beautiful scenery!!
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Arthur Amendt

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Here are some pictures of Northern lights +Darren Bryant​
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That looks Good!
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Arthur Amendt

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With snow everywhere at least we will start off clean. Hayom Harat Olam ― today is the birthday of the world
Here's to a happy, sweet and peaceful New Year! Welcome, 5777!
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Arthur Amendt

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The few days Telus network has been bad in Hythe lots of dropped callers. No LTE 
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Arthur Amendt

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My brother +Alan Amendt gave a talk on Evolution vs Creationism. He gets a lot of his info from
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Have him check out reasons to believe. org they have a lot of good stuff. I really enjoyed the fingerprint of God and that was written almost thirty years ago.

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Good $5 breakfast with decent portion size.
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Dr. Wade has great communication skills and gets a the source of the problem.
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Best pizza I had in a long time. Great crust. Lots of cheese. Delicious sauce.
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This hotel has been completely renovated to have a new modern look. Food was great, bathrooms are very clean.
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