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In the final stages of Finshing my MAME Cabinet.
Debating wether i should rip apart my XArcade controller and wire it to the legit cabinet buttons/joystick. or figure a way to mount it non ugly.
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Rip it apart for sure. Make yourself a nice cpo that matches your cab. Why did you go with the ultracade marquee if you don't mind my asking? If memory serves David Foley was a dick.
cuz thats what it came with actually... bought the ultracade cab fully intact with only the psu for the computer and the 20" crt being dead.. got a deal on it and since i powered up the ultrade cade box with a good psu i can resell it and get monies ;)
OH NO! You're not keeping it?
not the ultracade parts no.. the rest of the cabinet yes with my own machine in it and new led hdtv. Hyperspin is gonna run the interface for the MAME roms.
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