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People wonder why i consider the Boston Bruins fans the worst in the league...(which is saying a lot cuz the Devils fans and the Philly fans are pretty bad) lets consider a few things.
1. they are only happy and cheering on their team when winning.
2. they leave their team in the 3rd period when losing
3. only a handle full of people at game 7 last night stayed to cheer the bruins for their season.
4. When they do win they act as though its because of them, the fans, not because of their teams.
and then there's this....
seriously +Boston Bruins your fans suck.
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Hmmmmm I don't follow any sport really, but in the UK if this type of thing happens, the club will get fined. While this can't stop the fans directly, it does tend to assist in getting fans to highlight "trouble makers" etc.

Of course it won't help with 1-4... but thats just bad sportsmanship :/
that's pretty disgusting. I must live in a bubble, I had no idea people still behaved like this. :(
Was super happy to see Thomas lose last night. Mostly because of the White House visit incident. I rooted for him last year and against him this year. Don't worry Tim, no visit to the White House this year....
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