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Artem Safarov
I post about things that I love - games (board and video), music, movies, books, people who make a difference.
I post about things that I love - games (board and video), music, movies, books, people who make a difference.

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A while ago there was a good discussion here about The Grizzled that made me reflect on my thoughts about the game.

I wrote up a review that goes into some of these thoughts - hope it will be helpful to you if you're looking to learn more about this unique game.

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A Ukranian folk instrument cover of Nirvana for you today. Because awesome.

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Hey there, awesome board gamers!

I am working on my upcoming game and am in the process of selecting an artist to do the bulk of the illustrations. As seasoned connoisseurs of the hobby - I would appreciate the group's input on preference between these three options.

The game is a dark fantasy tale of survival and revenge in caverns filled with monstrous humanoids. I am looking for a gritty, dangerous, malicious style that sets the right mood.

Which of the three do you like best for that purpose? Why?


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For fellow fans of the Lord of the Rings LCG - here is a poster-size adventure tracker that you can print out to mark your progress (only includes first 4 cycles and 2 sagas).

Makes for a nice decoration too :)

Suggested dimensions 0.5 x 2m

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I take a look at my boardgaming numbers from 2016. By far the most prolific gaming year for me so far with one game played a whopping 148 times and an overall 50% increase in plays over 2015!

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My review of My First Carcassonne and what makes it such a great first step to get your little ones exposed to and engaged in your hobby.

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Between my amazing wife and 3-year old - I'm lucky to live with two awesome gamers. Here are their picks for their favourite games from 2016.

Any surprises? What are some of your favourites to play with your family?

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Time to look back at 2016 in gaming.

Played lots with these 10 coming out as the most fun. A wild mix of co-op, family, light and heavy in there.

Did you enjoy any of these? What were some of your standouts?
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