I have several interesting rumors that I feel relatively confident about but either don't have visual evidence or a second confirmation, so I'm going to keep them to G+.

I'll post roughly a rumor a day until I run out.

Disclaimer: As with all rumors, nothing is 100% until it's officially announced. None of this may end up being true, though I have a good level of confidence in the sources.

Rumor #3. This is something a lot of people have been waiting for. The version of Hangouts that's being tested with KitKat takes over the Messaging app and handles SMS. In fact, the Messaging app is gone and is fully replaced by Hangouts, at least on the Nexus device that was being tested. It should be able to handle MMS as well.

Additionally, Hangouts will now let you send videos instead of just images.

I will try to dig in further, but that's all the information I have on the upcoming Hangouts update. I don't know if it'll be ready in time for KitKat and if it's connected to the KitKat release at all, so I really can't say when it will launch. But I'm hoping if they're testing it now, we'll see it this year.

Previous rumors:
Rumor #1: http://andp.lc/1c99S2s
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