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Noticed that a few minutes ago. Had a system update notification for my Nexus 7. The download is about 1 mb small.
If that's the reason for the hold up wouldn't this include the M7 GPe?
I want to know if the nexus 5 update fixes anything. Probably too soon for the camera, but maybe we'll get a fix for the sound.
Have you ever had issues with the GEL on the Nexus5? 

- Sometimes it shows me a small + icon where a free homescreen is (thats ok), but the most time it doesn't
- today I rebooted the phone and only had 2 of my 5 homescreens (had to set up the homescreens again)

are these known issues +Artem Russakovskii?
Hopefully the OTA for N4 lands soon
I think the 2013 N7 Wifi is called Flo not Razor. Or am I mistaken?
Just got it on my nexus 7 2013. Still waiting on the nexus 5.
Ëh San
i hope this will fix sudden reboot on my N7 2013
Still sitting on 4.3.1 on deb. Any day now...
P Diddy
+Scott Oldfield No I still have the old build number. Apparently flashing through TWRP didn't work. Which is odd. It appeared to. I got a toast that said "No backup account selection needed" on boot. Off to XDA I go.
+P Diddy I've got TWRP installed as well, but I checked for the OTA directly on my device first. Since it was available, I just installed directly and it worked fine. 
P Diddy
+Scott Oldfield My herp a derp. I was .1 version out of date on TWRP. Thanks for your help.
+Alexander Gomer it's a confusing pattern, but if you drag an app icon to the far right of the screen it creates a new page represented by the plus. For whatever reason, this stays until you enter and exit an app, rather than dissapearing when the app icon is placed in an already-used page.
+Timothy Bracken only barely, and it only lacks bug fixes. For all we know Motorola included the fixes in the update already.
+Alexander Gomer I've had a couple of my homescreen disappear on my N5 as well (happened just a couple days ago. But when I added new homescreens, that old ones came back. Very strange. Only happened that one time.
Lost root with my 2013 N7 with the update
+Scott Oldfield did you re-root in TWRP? That's where I originally rooted my N5. I'm wondering whether that same method will work once I take the update.
+Charles Beel First of all, this update doesn't appear to be for the N5. As for my N10, I actually just used +Wug Fresh's Nexus Root Toolkit (just makes thing quicker), but yes, it utilizes TWRP. Same method should work before and after this update, which was pretty minor.
Will there be a nakasig OTA from KRT16O to KRT16S?

What happens if my nexus 4 is already on kitkat 4.4? Will I get an incremental update to this version or do I have to download the factory image and flash it again? 
+Vignesh Kumar You will get a small OTA update. My N7 2012 was on "O" version till this morning. Before I left it at home I saw a ~1MB system update ready to install, but didn't proceed yey.
Can we expect signed version of signed-razorg-KRT16S-from-KRT16O?
Asking because I already installed razorg-KRT16O by hands.
Also, is it big difference between KRT16S and KRT16O for Nexus7LTE?
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