We've seen reports of a possible Huawei Nexus phone before, and the day before this new article here came out (http://www.gizmochina.com/2015/05/07/huawei-made-nexus-to-feature-samsungs-5-7-inch-2k-screen-according-to-analyst/), one of our good sources reached out to say there is indeed a Huawei Nexus planned, in 5.7" size.

Now with today's report, I am more confident in that rumor.

What's more interesting, the source also mentioned a second Nexus phone this year - an LG, with a planned 5.2" screen size. If Google indeed rolls with both, it'd be the first time two Nexus phones came out in the same year - a strategy that makes a whole lot of sense to me as not everyone is into behemoths like a Nexus 6.

It's still extremely early in the year, and last year, as we've seen, plans changed drastically throughout the year and resulted in a totally different phone becoming a Nexus than was planned in the first half of 2014. So yeah, early rumors are early rumors, don't treat them as facts, and they're almost surely going to change.

Once I feel confident enough in these rumors, they'll graduate to +Android Police
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