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The Android TV box comes with a controller and looks totally hot.
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looks like the love child of an XBOX One controller and a PS4 controller
This is the one thing I was hoping would be available right now. The watches I can wait for... but this looks fantastic.
I'm amazingly jealous right now. 
Would love to get my hands on one of them.... I'm sure they will be up on +eBay soon #Android TV
Its still got the old navigation buttons. I understand it would be confusing to have the news ones on a controller, but still, it just seems a bit odd. 
That's a controller I would like to use!
+Gregory Prepetit Says Google on both the controller and the box, so... maybe NVIDIA did the manufacturing for them, or... I don't know.
+Artem Russakovskii This is really confusing me now.  They showed the Android TV running TV channels on the live demo, and all of the pictures show a blue TV app.  Is there any confirmation on what is going on there?
What about a cable cart slot? How exactly would this be "Android TV" when you can't watch TV with it?
Can games be installed without the Google Play Store? I've got a ton of Android games from +Humble Bundle that I'd love to play on the TV. 
+Artem Russakovskii thanks, i just confirmed it a few minutes ago on +Keyan Mobli 's thread.

at a framework level hdmi-in is optional now for android tv, (with network tuners and streaming also being live tv sources), i wonder if units featuring hdmi-in will have the ir automation of GTV.  Let me know if you hear anything about IR+android tv.

also any extra details about the network tuners (they mentioned the silicon dust units, specifically.  which ones are recommended?) I imagine with a network tuner, tv options will all still work on adt-1.
+Nick Ludy did you watch the tv talk yesterday? multiple sources for 'tv' now beyond hdmi.
+Elliot Miles No cable car slot in this reference dev unit. I'm sure they'll have consumer devices with better support. Maybe even cable company boxes.
+Ted Phillips I only watched the keynote. I read the discussion on +Keyan Mobli post, and if what he is saying is true it makes more sense.  The platform supports various inputs, it will be up to OEMs to implement as they see fit.
Jeez. No wonder everyone and their mothers wants to go to I/O. Free gear is always cool, but free unreleased gear is effing awesome! 
So Android TV isn't an actual TV?
SteamBox too slow? GameStream through this to your main Pc? Emulate all the things!!!
+Ryuuie Ryuu not yet, there will be many TV sets with Android TV built in. I was told by local branch of TP Vision that they plan selling them this summer. It may be some misinformation but I will eat my hat if we dont see first TV sets with ATV at IFA in Berlin in September
+Ryuuie Ryuu the set top box is a development kit, there may be ATV set top boxes on sale commercially as well but that was not announced if I am not mistaken. I am sure nVidia will want to get them to the market to gain traction for their K1 chipset
+Ryuuie Ryuu Same exact thing as Google TV, so it's not a new concept. You can have set top boxes, or you can have integration into TVs.
This interface + Shield 2 = MUST BUY.  I thought the original Shield made the ultimate set top box once they allowed a Y USB cable to allow Ethernet and charging at the same time.  But this takes it up a notch or 3. 

XBMC with live tv via HDMI-IN or network box.  Gamestream.  Plex on the AndroidTV interface.  pretty sick. 

And FYI, Plex already announced your "on deck" items would surface individually on the AndroidTV homescreen.  killer.
I vote for AP make it easy I also pick myself as the winner
+Nick Ludy The live TV demonstration was done with a network TV tuner from SiliconDust. They already released the "input plugin" apk to make it work if you have the development box.

I'm pretty excited about this because I currently use the SiliconDust HDHomerun Prime cable card tuner with SageTV (the precursor to +Google Fiber TV). It's one tantalizing step closer to SageTV v8 being made available outside of the few +Google Fiber markets.
Thanks +Artem Russakovskii, just looking at replacing my Google TV. Excellent coverage of Google I/O!!! Enjoy the toys, looking forward to all the reviews.
Woooow ! This is so cool
Will it be ever for retail sales like the Nexus? 
Don't you wish it came with Nexus Q body? 
+Artem Russakovskii now that you can, will you ask them when will they allow posting photos in g+ comments! Opening another app just to see the flipside is so uncool
Damn..I'd get this with reasonable price and games
The Play Store behind it and Google applications like Music and Video will be a big deciding point for people. It's a common complaint about the OUYA. OUYA can't possibly contend with both Android TV and Fire TV.
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