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I have several interesting rumors that I feel relatively confident about but either don't have visual evidence or a second confirmation, so I'm going to keep them to G+.

I'll post roughly a rumor a day until I run out.

Disclaimer: As with all rumors, nothing is 100% until it's officially announced. None of this may end up being true, though I have a good level of confidence in the sources.

Rumor #4. As +Kellen Barranger (the founder of +Droid Life) mentioned the other day (, Google may be planning several other devices in the Nexus family. Specifically, Nexus Leep and Shining could be two of the related codenames. One of them (probably Shining) looks to be a Nexus-branded light switch.

I don't have any details about what exactly these entail, but, incidentally, we spotted another company that wants to make an Android-powered light switch today: Perhaps Google is doing something similar? I'd certainly buy one (or ten).

The launch date for these is not known to me.

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I'm completely in favor of home automation. I've been meaning to find some of those lightbulbs that you can control with an app - a lightswitch would be one better (though lightbulbs would be cheaper and easier to install).
This is going to lead to so many electrocutions if true.
With your track record. The majority are\were right! 
Andy L
I would love for an Android @Home product announcement. I thought they were really close to releasing something and then it just faded away. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. Need a sub-$50, non Philips light switch.
Loving these rumours. Thanks for sharing them with us. Whether or not they prove to be completely accurate, there are some nice things to hope for! 
Well, wouldn't this (finally) be Android@Home?
so if it detects you're in the other room and have left it on, turns out the light on your wife who has an iPhone. 
Nexus Leap is a trampoline with led indicator :P
Are we all out of rumors? if so that ended quickly.
No, we're not. I'm rethinking the strategy here since I got some more info now. Some of these rumors I was planning on posting here will now head to AP, if all goes well.
The more Nexus in my house, the better my house is
No rumor update for the day yet? :) 
So, they kill Google PowerMeter, announce Android@Home and forget about it as if never happened, and now they do it all over again? Sorry for being skeptic... but now I'll only believe it when I see it.
(Google should have kept Powermeter and pushed Android@Home when they first promised it.)
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