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Any idea what setting the mood refers to in the new Hangouts? Something coming up or already live?

<string name="menu_mood_item">Set mood…</string>
<string name="menu_change_mood_item">Change mood</string>
<string name="mood_setting_activity_label">Set your mood</string>
<string name="clear_mood_menu_item_text">Reset mood</string>

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I dunno but 70's porn music comes to mind ;-)
It's probably like mood in Google+ but it's a status rather than a post.
It may not be ready for prime time yet. It could be used for setting statuses.
The most recent mood you've posted to G+, but expires after a certain amount of time?
I'd also guess it's not live yet. I don't do this stuff terribly often, so I could obviously be mistaken, but I didn't find any references to it in the code...
Ahaha yeah moods are the little yellow slug things. I guess there will be permanent statuses soon.
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