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Another reliable source confirms the Nexus 5 for tomorrow, October 31, along with the Android 4.4 SDK and a big Wallet announcement.

Disclaimer: as always, rumors are rumors until the official announcement, etc. 
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Screw you, Artem! I want my rumors to be reported as fact, no matter how batshit crazy they might be!
Wow, wallet for all... This is huge! 
Woopie doo. My fingers will be ready to click on the buy button.
BTW any idea whether this will be similar to last year's release? 
Wallet announcement sounds interesting.
What about Kitkat 4.4?? I'm keeping my Nexus 4!! I need Kitkat 4.4!!
Its almost amazing that there has been no Nexus 10 leaks at all!! 
+Daniel Marchena I thought SDK is something for developments. I was looking for the Kitkat 4.4 OTA kind of context in there.
I don't see it happening without an official event or word from Google.
Why would they need a big event? There is so much hype already that the second they announce it, it's going to spread like wildfire.
+Chintan Shah the sdk will come out before the ota updates. If history serves, the official rom will be released before the update is pushed. 
WHAT ABOUT THE NEXUS 10 2013??? WHERE IS THE NEXUS 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x100
+Rabid Rotty what does "contemplating serious issues" have to do with Android 4.4, Nexus 5, or any of tomorrow's events?
+Rabid Rotty -_- Not everything Vic posts is going to have some secret message.. Lol come on now. Thats just as bad as the people counting the Kit Kat bars and thinking there was some secret date to the launch..
+Ray Wells  haha on the description it says 3GB RAM that would be cool it makes it future proof but i doubt it but the specifications says 2GB RAM lol
hey does anyone know if the micro sim that i use on the nexus 4 will work with nexus 5 because the link +Ray Wells shared says nano sim hope not, but then again its ebay so idk just asking
+Rabid Rotty these are lyrics from that song.... " ive been to, so what´s the truth?
No I´m not gonna hide it all, keep it in
All from you
I´ve been dying to know what you´ve tried
You´ve been lying so"

Maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion? Lol
And for anyone that has T-Mobile, their nano sims are free on line right now
+Ethan B. i hope mico sim.. i live in a small town which has nothing here so id have to order but hope not.
I feel like even if no event, a hangout would be appreciated. They did that for Google+ updates like 12 hours ahead of time. An invitation would be nice.

Artem, just like everyone else you managed to report the rumored date. That's nice and all, but what time?
Founder of Android Police?! Okay, the credibility is growing! Halloween makes sense for Google
+Tommy Thompson I read his post. I meant the actual time. I'm busy in the afternoon, so if they do it early PST I'll have to read about it. If it's announced at night then I'll hope for a live stream.
+Nick Felker sorry. He edited the post. It did have times previously. He thinks morning timeframe. Usual 11, but could be earlier.
So are we assuming there won't be an 4.4 OTA tomorrow just the release of the SDK?
It will be in the very morning for me, so just a few questions.
1. Anyone know roughly what time it may be released?
2. Seems strange such a big announcement and no live stream?
3. If Wallet were to work without requiring a secure element, would this make it readily available to international people once given the go?

New nexus, Android Kit Kat, international Wallet release. Possibly the best things Google could ever release. Wallet would make my day, no my year!
By release do you mean unveiling the device officially or that it will be purchasable tomorrow? 
How can they announce a new version of the os when I still have not gotten my new version of hangouts that was promised to me hours ago?
+Scott Pimental They said Hangouts will be rolling out in the next few days. Today sounds like a great day for this to happen, don't you think?
Today is Oct 31 for me. So Google, get it out.
+Artem Russakovskii is the "event" just announcing the phone with the other goodies or will the phone be available for purchase the same day?
Are we expecting an event? Because nothing's been announced :\ Surely they'll want to invite press? No invites have gone out, have they?
Big Wallet announcement? I know better than to get my hopes up, but.... I hope Wallet gets a proper UK release!
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