The new Notification tab dropdown UI that was announced 2.5 months ago, then appeared a few weeks later, only to disappear once again shortly after, is still missing. I need it in my life.

Edit: Got some info from +Luke Wroblewski, below in the comments.
G+ Android Update 7.3.0
We're starting the roll out of a new Google+ Android app today. This release has a few bug fixes and several new features. Specifically:

* 10 bugs fixed
* 4 accessibility issues addressed
* Ability to filter your notifications by All, Unread & Other
* Several Community moderation tools
* Delete multiple items in Activity Log at once
* Hide the top bar when scrolling Collections & Communities
* Even faster Web browsing on WiFi (

We've also turned Search Autocomplete back on as we fixed the bug that was causing issues when devices were in Airplane mode.

And as always, let us know what you think of the new features & fixes with our Send Feedback menu item.
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