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Oh no big deal. Just hanging out with +Rob Jackson, +Liam Spradlin, and +Ron Amadeo and picking the brains of +Matias Duarte and +David Singleton.

These guys are awesome and I'm getting lots of useful info.

#io #io2014
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Please tell him that I need to have sex with him after the L reveal and he should contact me.
Can you ask if Nexus 4 will get Android L on fall?
There is too much awesome in this picture.

And +Matias Duarte is wearing an amazing shirt, as always.
Ask them if my Nexus S will get Android L? 😇

Enjoy it... I'm not missing next year!!!
The word "jealous" doesn't even begin to explain how I'm feeling right now. 

Amazing bunch of people in just that small group. 

One of these days I may get to I/O myself but until then, I will live in awe. 
Material Design translated to Latin is Matias Duarte ;)
Steve R
Looks like a good place for a fart joke.
Too much awesomeness in one place, I'm wondering how the building survived it
Its about icon height in L right? Those pixel level misalignment should never ruin our screens ever again! 
Which one is you. Can't tagging works here? I needed to know just . I think it's light blue at right 
Artem isn't in the pic...
+Silas Lenz Yeah, I was wondering if he was the one taking the picture, or whether he got someone to take a picture with Mr Duarte and the rest of the AP (and former AP) guys.
The guy wearing THAT SHIRT is responsible for visual design? Scary....
Don't you dare complaining about lord Duarte's amazing shirts. 
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