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I'm taking not one, not two, not three, but four pairs of headphones to MWC.

Two are Bluetooth with different bud sizes and convenience factors (Sony Smart Wireless Headset Pro and Jaybird Bluebuds X). For example, the Sony ones have such small buds, I can actually sleep in them and rest the ear flat on a surface without pain. They are more cumbersome, however, so I'm going to use the Bluebuds X most of the time.

The other two are wired (V-Moda Crossfade M-100 and my trusty Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5 Pro). The M-100 is absolutely amazing, though bulky, but the sound isolation, sound quality, and overall feeling of awesome are hard to beat. The UEs I probably won't use at all, they're just for backup.

Why am I lugging all these around with me? For science, that's why!
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The one pair of crappy ear buds in my bag suddenly feels all the more inadequate.
Which set of BT headphones have you been the happiest with +Artem Russakovskii?  $170 is just too nuts for the Bluebuds, but was just doing some digging as my Backbeat 903 set finally bit it.

Very tempted to grab these, but I'm a little worried that the battery life will let me down and I actually like that the buds on the 903 let in outside sound.

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