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Cheesiness level: Roquefort. 
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Gear gets you hot blondes? Count me in. 
He kept looking at her while talking to his watch like he wanted her or something.
It frightened me
What did I just watch? From where did they even get those bumbling "actors" ! 
Yeah I sure am geare- Oh damn, it's out of battery.
You guys are unfair: this ad is hard to watch, hard to make sense of and can only please a very specific and narrow audience.
This is the perfect ad for the Samsung wrist thingy.
Not every ad has to be deceptively appealing, you know...
Crap actors! They should have used Richard Gear...
The moral of the story... Stalking pays. Girls fall for cheap playa tricks.

The sequel will show our smooth operator Jack trying this on other attractive young females.

Gear. Resistance is futile.
Don't watch this video it causes intestinal cancer
+Marat Ryndin you might be very right. And that makes me very depressed to learn that my playa tricks are cheap.
You sound like a talented earnest Nexus guy.
Let me live in my opportunistic creepy Samsung universe. I mean galaxy.
+Carl Perfect Cheap playa tricks work too. Just have to select the appropriate target audience.
+Francois-Xavier Launois Agree! I visited the little village of Roquefort last spring and indulged in the different varieties of the cheese at Papillon. Simply fantastic!!!
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