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Dealing with +Google Wallet for person-to-person transfers for +Android Police has been the most frustrating experience in recent history and really showed me just how unprepared it is for prime time.

Their support was beyond clueless and has shown its incompetency on multiple occasions. In the end, I was left very dissatisfied after they assured me everything was taken care of, so I can't believe I'm saying it, but I'm going back to Paypal, and gladly.

+Google Wallet, you're a disaster and a clusterfuck, and your support is almost worse than having no support at all.
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What's worse is that the NFC readers in stores, when you can find them, are terrible and almost never work.  I live in NYC, and even here finding an NFC reader is rare.  And I'd say more than 60% of them don't work.
in Canada we've had email money transfers forever. Works great.  Or are you talking NFC to NFC money transfers?
Funny, I sent money to two co-workers yesterday to show them how it worked, and it worked just fine. +Artem Russakovskii can you be more specific about what didn't work well for you?
+Ian Douglas I sent about 8 payments for various AP writers. 4 of them got stuck pending for 2-3 days. After multiple calls talking to their clueless Indian tech support who kept telling us everything wrong, they said everything is settled, though couldn't tell me the reason. Apparently, all the tools they have to actual Wallet support who knows anything is via a chat - Wallet's own support can't even call proper support.

So they tell me the 3 (1 finally got through on its own) payments were approved and would complete shortly.

Then this morning I get an email that they were all cancelled (after 3 days of pending). And some Wallet support guys emailed to say that they think I'm abusing their ToS and trying to rack up points because they have a 0% fee on credit card funded transactions right now. He pretty much said that they could cancel my account in the future. What in the actual fuck? You give us two methods to send payments with - bank and cc, and then you cancel payments and threaten to kill the account when I use one of them?! I'm fuming all over again here.

"Hello Artem,

Thanks for your email. I apologize for the inconvenience. We recently noticed that you're adding then withdrawing lots of funds from your Google Wallet Balance or sending/receiving money in a way that may violate our Terms of Service. As such, the transaction(s) in question have been cancelled.
We wanted to offer a friendly reminder that the peer to peer service is intended for Google Wallet customers to send money to other persons, and not to rack up airline miles/rewards points or get cash advances. We view such transactions as misconduct under section 7 of the Google Wallet Terms of Services, and may decline to process such transactions or close your account if we identify in the future that you are using your account (and the no fee promotional period) for these purposes. I recommend at this time to reattempt the transaction.

Please note that replies to this message are not monitored. If you experience any further issues with your Google Wallet Account, you may visit "
Sad.. was hoping that this along with the physical card will make Google wallet more mainstream eventually.. Anyhoo I always feel like a boss when I tap my phone at the local jamba juice or vending machines and then giggle like an idiot when ppl stare.. here's hoping Google will get their act straight 
Wow, that does sound like quite the mess. Hate paypal with a passion but I'd put up with that hatred if I encountered such jacked up situation like you describe. 

I, too, really want to know at what step everything got held up..
I never even got a chance to activate it on my account. The $0.10 that +Chris Sewell gave me wouldn't go through because they wanted 3 pieces of verification before allowing me to use Google Wallet. I already use Google Wallet on my phone and it's a breeze, why'd they have to make this one so complicated? If you want to compete with PayPal, at least have their level of ease of access.
Wow. I'd be pissed too if accused of such. Hopefully someone at Google gets wind of such gross mistreatment of its customers
+Danial Samy that extra verification existed before, but it was optional (and did nothing). I had already verified prior to the new send money feature so it was one click for me. The information they request is not at all unreasonable for a service that links to your bank account. Do you really want Google accessing peoples bank account without a minimal amount of verifying information? That would be irresponsible and negligent and a legal liability.
Looking forward to the editorial on how you should suck it up as Google is new to this kind of business.

But i guess that won't be happening :/
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