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Thank you for sharing this. Very useful for travelers,📱 importers and exporters 👍 I hope it's accurate.
No Nexus devices? didn't find hammerhead anywhere.
+Jorge Galls​ viva Ecuador! Man, I love my country and all, but I don't know how so many laws pass like that! 
+Jorge Galls​ to think that in the new Constitution they specifically wanted to avoid the unlimited time to rule, and now a massive change of tune occurred. Oh well, politics are so volatile. 
+Jorge Galls​ I prefer thinking of Ecuador for its tourism, and forgetting all the bad! I was looking at the website Artem posted and it is very useful. I thought tourists have an exception to that rule..
Wtf, I can't have been the only one who read that as willy phone work, I was baffled until I read it again, look interesting though
Definitely wrong results for 4G of Nexus 6 global model  XT1100.
Listed band 4 in not present on device.
Wonder what is that third variant of the N5 they are listing. 
D820/D821 are North America / Europe..
WTF is EM01L ?! XD
Here the spinner runs forever and nothing... 
Chrome in Android. 
+Jorge Galls I see, but anyway here in Venezuela i can import any phone i want, i have to pay the tax for importation, but I'm pretty sure that in Ecuador you find newer phones and more cheap than here. We even don't have the Galaxy S5.
+Will My Phone Work​ , well, at the time of my comment I was checking US T-Mobile for XT1100 and the result was that 4G available on band 4, which was wrong (because 1100 doesn't have 4). Now the same conditions make up another result - 4G n/a. Maybe I was somehow mistaken then or maybe logics is repaired now.
Anyway, excuse me and disregard my old comment.
+Антон Кузнецов No problem. Thank you for replying and if you see anything that is incorrect, please feel free to let me know via the Contact Us section on the site. Much appreciated.
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