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Charging: G Watch vs Gear Live vs Pebble vs Qualcomm Toq.

The G Watch is a clear winner. The dock is magnetic and has a sticky pad under it for grip. It's pretty much perfect.

The Gear Live is the most awkward of the four by far. It's not magnetic, the watch doesn't lie flat, and the whole charging situation is just a mess.

The Toq is super easy to dock, but the dock itself is huge.

The Pebble is my 2nd favorite because of how compact its magnetic charger is, but it does take some finagling sometimes to snap in.
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Not that you would want to lay the Gear Live face first but it looks like that might be what Samsung intended if the bands don't open out completely as I see in the picture.
+Arthur Zakaryan Yeah, I end up putting it on the side, but it has no grab and slides around easily. It's not a huge deal, but it's just awkward.

I put it up like that in the photo to demonstrate that it doesn't fold flat.
Ewww, the Gear looks like it's a creepy insect that's going to scuttle over in the night and inject you with alien DNA.... 
In order to setup android wear based smart watch ( in this case G Watch ) we need an application called android wearable preview which it's not publicly available on Play Store, so how people setup their phones with the watch easily? anybody can help?
I still think the 360 is going to blow all else out of the water in every aspect, one of the main areas being battery life. The Gear Live and G Watch are just another product for Samsung and LG, neither has put as much thought and effort as Motorola has nor is either as important for those companies as the 360 is for Motorola.
What happened to inductive charging? Ah right too many "standards" as a customer I just want a pad on my night stand where to put my gadgets to recharge while I'm sleeping but I guess is too much to ask for
+Evelio Tarazona Cáceres inductive charger requires a coil that in turn requires space and makes something as small as a watch thicker. They are big anyway, so OEMs have to compromise so that they don't alienate potential customers with humongous wrist watch.
+Jason Hsu I did not participate at Google IO this year, i just was a bit curious how people are working with this stuff, as it's not available in my country my friend is ordering one for me, and as i am an android developer i wanted to work with the api as well. by the way thank you for your attention and wish you all the best at IO,, hope to join you next year:)
+Vahid Lazio Ah, I see, I assumed you attended I/O because those links only work if you were whitelisted to install those test versions.

I imagine that by the time the Wear devices ship from Google Play store, the live versions of Google Play Services, Google Search, and the Wear companion app will be generally available.
+Jason Hsu I successfully became a tester for those application thanks to the instruction above, i can't wait to work with the API and deploy apps on a wearable device, but for me as a former eclipse android developer it's a little bit rough to work with new build system called gradle and android studio style. i have some questions about these type of styles if you are an android developer i would ask them :D:)
+Artem Russakovskii I see a Microsoft keyboard and mouse 😝 I have MS wireless desktop and mouse laser bluetooth 5000, I love them. /offtopic off lol 
Tom Plx
Tripod attack 
Is the lg watch as big as it seems? That is the one thing that is slightly put offish to me. But the best of the latest android wear is moto 360 imo. 
Oh my god! Is that a Gear or a baby tripod from War of the World's? 
all apple has to do is use wireless charging and they win
Looks like a War of the Worlds tripod. Same fate, too.
Got it today. No problems. Easy on. Easy off. Doesn't seem at all awkward to me. I hope I never have to deal with Samsung Repair as I did with the Google Galaxy Nexus. Would you believe thay actually returned to me someone else's dirty broken phone. I think they were trying to call that refurbished. Google took care of the matter.
+Artem Russakovskii where did you get the tablet/usb-stick stand? I vaguely remember reading a review about it on Android Police, but can't find the article anymore... thx
+T.J. S. I know, but at that angle is it not easy to do a comparison. But Artem did put up another picture and I think at this point in time, Gear Live still look better than the LG's G Watch .. at least it looks less bulky and better contoured.
T.J. S.
+Chang Fong Chua
I agree completely. The breaking watches and the horrible customer service stories are definitely turn offs. I'll be waiting for the 360.
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