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It's like all the morons suddenly came out all at once this weekend.

- We got a tip about KitKat's possible release date... being September 27th. Based on this image Yeah, KitKat will be released a month ago, right? /facepalm

- We started getting tips about a shitty YouTube channel ( that makes videos consisting of sliding text for 55s and mostly evleaks photos for the other 5. Video spam with static images is like the new black.

- We got 2 tips by "the CEO" of some moronic site (really? You made a webpage, so now you're CEO? Everyone's a CEO nowadays), one just saying "Android KitKat official webpage" and asking for backlinks and another about the white Nexus 5 that's fake as hell and has been spreading all over the blogs who just want SEO and don't have any brains of their own. Oh, and about that white Nexus 5

- We got a tip about, I shit you not, "Google has confirmed that the leaked images regarding the new Nexus 5 on the Play store are real." Holy shit, you don't say?! The same "tipster" keeps using different names but yet the same email (like we can't see right through the bullshit) and called +Eldar Murtazin a "she" in the last tip.

- We got a tip about the Nexus 5 like totally being leaked Nexus 5 Pre-Order Date Leaked. The fake is so blatantly obvious, only complete noobs would fall for it.

All in all, I'm getting seriously annoyed. It's like half the Android fanboys suddenly went full retard all at the same time.
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We were just testing you...yeah, that's it. A test! 
That's why we love you, volunteering to be the firewall between us and the stupid.
Hey, I'm an anonymous tipster and I can confirm the Nexus 5 will be able to make phone calls. Feel free to write an article about this. 
Not only am I CEO of my email page but I was also Times Person of the year
All this shit would stop if Google just released the bloody thing.
Yeah, I've stopped giving a fuck until Google books a press conference and announces a date or the play store has a link I can click on and buy one. 
+Trevor Beckett more than likely it wouldn't stop anything. It seems that stupidity has a remarkably resilient way of persisting despite blatant information to the contrary or obvious. 
Think of the intelligence of the average person. Now realise that half the world is less intelligent than that person. Hopefully now you understand why people believe anything without any evidence and just on blind faith.
Rob J
Seriously though, I wonder if I can call myself CEO of my G+ profile? hmmm..
I'm selling my HTC One today, hopefully I dont have to wait too long for the Nexus 5. 
The guys at Google must be having a popcorn and enjoying the show that the android community putting up over the nexus 5 and android 4.4 :)
The  simple fact is those how are awaiting this release are so primed hat every body is trying to capitalize on the palpable anticipation. This quote is attributed to the CEO of my keyboard.
+Jonathan Scruggs Holy shit, it makes sense now.

"It's our goal with Android KitKat to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody."

They're going to time travel back to the first days of human existence, hand out Android devices, and continue doing so throughout history. It's an Android experience that literally everyone will have available. 

Why didn't we see this sooner? You heard it here first folks.
"It's like all the morons suddenly came out all at once this weekend..."  and were suddenly silenced.

I WISH. So many morons spouting stuff because it's the thing to do.
*writes breaking news story about NexusMaker color customizing based on Android Police's rumor smash article 😝
+Jonathan Hamilton I know it. Was just kidding. AC went on a pretty big rant a month or two ago getting angry with readers and other sites for posting the N5 renders that were being created from the FCC info we had. 
I've been so annoyed with all the hype about Android by Android enthusiasts. There was the whole ordeal with the Moto X, and then people were disappointed because the phone "didn't live up to its expectations". Now with KitKat and the Nexus 5...we're all better off just staying quiet, stop reading rumors, and just waiting for the release.
Oh and I also heard Kit Kat is so powerful that everytime it sees a rumor on it screen it says "give me a break"
I followed you just because of this post.  Hilarious!
Okay just sold my HTC one and nexus 10 hopefully Google releases nexus 5 n new nexus 10 tablet soon .. Does anyone have an idea how long do I have to wait. ? 
I actually forgot about all the hubbub over the weekend. Been too busy lately +Artem Russakovskii has anything android ever caused so much craziness before? 
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