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Let's see if previously limited ( Google Drive presentation casting works for everyone now.

Make sure you're on your desktop/laptop, using Chrome, on the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast, and your Cast extension is enabled.

Now load up this sample presentation:

Can you see Present -> Present on another device -> Your chromecast and if so, does it work?

Vote below.
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If only CC would support my work's WPA2 Enterprise network
Working like a charm here!  Yea, I agree with +Rabid Rotty , it sure would be nice if this was also working in the Drive app for Android!  
works for me on my own presentations as well as the sample presentation.
If the presentation is boring the audience might be able to scroll through the slides or maybe even put on a movie :-)
The present option was there and the casting worked perfectly.  Pretty impressive!
Works like a charm. Great addition. 
It's handy to have in one command, but you could do the same thing by casting the current tab using the Cast extension, then hitting Present (to the local screen). Would be great if they could make the presenter's screen able to have notes while still casting the presentation full screen.
we've actually been using this in some of our Elementary schools for their Lobby TVs for a few months (We're awaiting password protection for CCs before we try them in Middle/High Schools).  Much more cost efficient than a proprietary digital signage equipment or even a PC running a Powerpoint. Love, love, love it.
+Kyle Lilley Would you want a kensington lock port on the chromecast before deploying them in a high school, too? The glorious thing about chromecasts is how lightweight and portable they are...which could make them easy to slip off the back of a lobby TV, right?
yep, the TVs are high enough you need a ladder and they have a camera on them so we haven't added the lock just yet. Security locks are definitely on the list though for future expansion should this prove successful =)
Works, very nice.
YES!!! Finally, I've been waiting for this! As I'm sure many other have as well.
awesome, now if only i could do it from the smartphone app. Have your notes and controls in the palm of your hand.
+Matthew Sorg Yeah that sounds awesome! Big presentation meeting today in front of the higher ups? Just bring your phone and you're good to go.
It worked fine for me also. I think I will try it in the company where I work. Thank you!
Perfect. Been waiting for this. Just add in android and apple in the mix and we have ourselves a winner... :-)
Yes! Though initially it was very slow, so I un-installed and re-installed the Cast extension and now it is very fast :) Would be nice to see a presentation with 'speaker notes', since that is what I am most interested in. Hoping very much for this functionality to come to Android.
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