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Does anyone else who updated to Maps 8.2 have this button next to My Location on the bottom right (the one that looks like a circle with a Maps marker)?

Curious how widespread this is, if it's not fake (received via tip, could be related to
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Whoa! I got some screenshots for you. Hold on. 
I don't...if Google Maps gets 3rd party plugin support, I would be ecstatic.
Does it have anything to do with that "Nearby" stuff that was rumored a few weeks ago?
A little unrelated...Whatever happened to the my profile button? I couldn't find my places or reviews.
I've got 8.2 and I haven't seen this. So is this another "it has to be rolled out to your account" update?
+Derek Traini dose anything stand out in the settings files or in the gms database? (you'll need root to see those)
+Moshe Brevda I don't see any settings regarding this and I don't have root to look into that. 
Isn't nearby feature there in google now? Or is this something else
Yeah I got shows you points of interest, business' and local facilities/amenities near to your location.
+Derek Traini wait, let me get this right. So this new thing is basically the same as the old "Explore Nearby" feature (Explore with the new Google Maps app) only it lets you filter by time and proximity, and also lets you specify where you're at now?

Also, can you do anything with the current location, beyond correcting it?
Oh, yet another question. Does "Explore Nearby" show up for you inside the search screen? Or has it simply been moved to "I Am Here"?
Another *US only feature?
Appeared twice. I tapped on it once and nothing happened
+David Prieto it appears it shows up as an updated look for the "Explore Nearby" feature shown in that video. You can see "Explore Nearby" once I tap the search bar from the main screen here:

+Artem Russakovskii from what I've seen, it updates the look of the "Explore Nearby" feature.

Would you guys like any other info?
You've been very helpful so far. I think we're good. As someone who has never been compelled to use Explore, do you think I'll use this new version? How have you been liking it so far? 
It seems much more useful now that you can narrow down results. It is, however, very helpful when you are on vacation! That's a small use case, but I do think its much more useful now. 
Definitely a nice feature! Already used it a couple of times, as it is vastly improved over the previous "Explore" interface.
The restaurant recommendations the Maps gives are always uninteresting and repeating.
Chris P
i clicked it and it seemed like google yelp
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