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So I started playing Draw a Stickman EPIC ( today.

It told me to draw a stickman. So I drew one. Then it told me to draw a 2nd stickman. So I drew a penis. And then named it Penis.

Little did I know was that the first stickman would now have to search for the second stickman who'd been abducted.

So this is what's happening now.

(I'm literally 6 years old.)
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Do keep us apprised on the progress of the search.
You did it wrong. The stickman was supposed to be a penis. The friend is boobs. 
That game is pretty cool. And the gimmick where your drawings actually walk around is nice too.
if the drawings walk around then that makes it a walking penis. Aka, a Creeper. (From mincraft) haha!
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