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The +OnePlus One packaging is probably the prettiest I've ever seen. The red and white really work nicely together. 

And check out the USB cable and the SIM removal tool - they just look so good.
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Looks pretty cool.
Look forward to my purchase!
I mean invite, that too if I win one of their giveaways 😐
Man I just want one for that usb cable
That's a Glassy USB cable, I like.
Nice attention to detail.
You didn't get the screen protector? The packaging for that is equally impressive. 
They had one available for purchase. I think it was $5.
Pretty and practical but it looks like a lot of packaging though.
looks awesome .hope i get an invite soon :(
What is that little thing you have posing with the SIM remover? Is that just a keychain or what? Or some sort of...protective case for a SIM card remover?
Nice ! Too bad the phone does not match the rest of it !
Ohhh I'm jealous, mine is on order :)
Jack White is somewhere silently nodding at this.
Congrats man! Very jealous! Hopefully the wait is worth it... Can't wait for an invite. 
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