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Alright, guys. Looks like the original rumor I shared way back on October 2nd about the October 31st Nexus 5 launch is going to end up being spot on (

Several previously reliable sources have confirmed that the Nexus 5 (I have no information about KitKat, sorry, just sticking to N5) launch is indeed scheduled for tomorrow, October 31st.

The release should happen no later than 11am Pacific, but knowing Google, it's probably going to be between 8-8:30 and 10am. 11am is the worst case scenario.

Hold on to your butts, people, we're about to finally have lift-off!
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Yeah, this I actually believe, especially after the mass google apps update last night and the tie in with KitKat. Halloween makes sense, and it's obviously getting really close.
So is it being announced tomorrow and going on sale same day?
I almost did a little pee..... :-)
+Thomas Zolynski We'll just jump to the next one. Google Watch, Google Light Switch, Google floating datacenter, Google floating Glass store, Google Teleport, oops, I said too much.
Kenny O
If you're wrong will you take a KitKat to the face? 
+Stephen Tiedemann On sale as far as I can tell. And retail will be allowed to sell if not the same day then the day after. But probably the same day, at least in locations that will still be open (Europe, for example, will probably have to wait for Nov 1).
Just so odd that there will be no press event.
So retail seems likely? Best Buy even?
Oh man...I'll be away from home tomorrow...
After the Google+ event, I will find it really odd if they don't have one for a new Android version...
Sooo.... Is it time to start the rumor mill on the Nexus 5 (2014) version?
I'll believe it when I see it
What timezone is Pacific exactly? Is it PST/GMT-7 ?
They didn't have a full press event for the N4, mind you a certain hurricane swayed that decision. 
Do you know if retail locations are going to up charge the device like they did with the Nexus 4?
Excellent, thank you for the news. How do you suppose they will announce it? In what fashion?

You are right about moving on to the next thing. Google Smartwatch or whatever will be the next thing. 

+Artem Russakovskii  Interesting story, I ran into someone today from Motorola Mobility (I work down the street from their headquaters) and they were wearing a Motorola Smart Watch. I asked her about it, and she said it was a product they tested with the Moto X, and research told them that smart watches would not be a big deal, so they scrapped the project. But she was wearing a prototype. she showed me a few features. it was the real deal
They toyed with our butts long enough... Waiting for sweet release
+Ryan Legare I have no idea, but I imagine just like last time - a bunch of blog posts, phone up for sale in the Play Store, etc. Guess they didn't care to set up a press event knowing they don't need to - the Nexus 5 and KitKat are all we'd be talking about for weeks anyway.
+Artem Russakovskii is the launch going to be similar to the Nexus 4's with just a blog post? Or is there going to be an event that no one is talking about?
I'm hopeful. But it just doesn't make sense to me that there was no press invites or any info AT ALL sent out to media. Doesn't add up to me at all. But I guess we'll see tomorrow. =)
+Artem Russakovskii Thanks. I agree, but I feel like Google should try and make it more popular, more mainstream. Or maybe they know they have a loyal following, IDK.

Check out my message about about the Motorola Smart Watch. I can tell you more if you are interested.
nexus 7 2013 didnt have any press invites i dont think it did. about the 31st tough maybe on to something but still take it with a grain of salt just in case. 
So, if I've get it correctly: 8:30 am PST (GMT-7) is 4:30 pm here, in Spain (GMT+1). Good =)
+Ibraheem Satti dude you gotta tell the police if someone toyed with your butt without permission.

Bring on the Nexus 5!
+Ahmed Badkook That's a good question, I don't know, sorry. It'd be nice of Google to organize a simultaneous multi-country launch, but I really have no info about that.
+Artem Russakovskii Any idea WHERE it'll be sold? I'd love to be able to go over to, say, best buy instead of waiting for a play store order delivery.
I really can't see a worldwide launch being on the cards. We've all seen how that works out for Google. I think they should stagger it slightly to let supply meet demand.
At this point I refuse to get excited about this. N5/KitKat will be released when it will be released. We'll all know it then, no minute later. 
I'm wondering if they are holding the Hangouts update until either the N5 and/or KitKat debut.
Very thanks! So tomorrow launch will be only for us resident?
Any news for poor european?
Great work Artem! AndroidPolice has been a beacon of hope in the wasteland that is Android news sites. 
+Daniel Gray by not releasing in in some parts of the world you are not diminishing demand but further diminishing supply!
+Daniel Gray by not releasing in in some parts of the world you are not diminishing demand but further diminishing supply!
+Artem Russakovskii What are your thoughts on the Nexus 10 being announced in conjunction with the Nexus 5? I've been holding out on buying a tablet and as a Nexus 4 owner, I'm almost more excited for the N10 release...
Hope to see kit Kat tomorrow. Even better I would love to see it on AOSP you listening +Google 
* cancels tomorrow's lunch plans *
(* is in US Eastern time so the above makes sense *)
+Jon Keller same here lol.

Damn, not sure if I should try a retail store or just go the guarantee way of the play store. If I take the chance of a retail store after work, might be sold out there and in the play store...
+Jason Sick Not a chance. Plus, why would they combine the two into one launch if they can spread out the fun and get way more publicity? 
Finally, not that I'm getting the nexus 5 but I just want kit kat on my nexus 7 1st gen and actually like the new look of kit kat and hopefully it will sort the slowness of my n7 though I doubt it but kit kat was rumoured to be more friendly and optimised for lower spec devices so fingers crossed. 
oh yeah you right i forgot all about that i only remember him holding up that play store edition phone and saying "thats all i got"
+Artem Russakovskii they did release the nexus 4 and nexus 10 simultaneously last year, so it is possible. However, there are very few leaks compared with the nexus 5 so I am also thinking the nexus 10 won't release tomorrow.
+Artem Russakovskii isn't it strange that google doesn't want to show of 4.4? has google been this quiet before regarding Nexus/New Android Versions?
Do you think the kit kat OTA will start tomorrow as well?
This works out great considering my case was already delivered today!
I get off work at 10am est hopefully I can get home in time :-)
So, evleaks was wrong?
+Matt Raye no, its supposed to be announcement tomorrow and in our hands on the 1st
So no event? well as long as is updated with android 4.4 and nexus 5 is on the playstore to purchase im good. tmrw sounds good so we can have it 2 days later
I hope they do pre-orders. If they don't, play store will have its problems as years past. 
You know this is going to happen because I really need a new phone (VZW Galaxy Nexus) and I have meetings all day tomorrow.
+Matthew DiGiacomo Yes.  I figure I will go on T-Mobile prepaid.  If it has LTE which I believe it does I will be fine.  I have the T-Mobile iPhone through work and honestly I have a better signal and faster speed.
As far as I know, the Nexus 4 device from the US was able to work in the EU (same GSM/3G frequencies). If I buy the Nexus 5 in the US Google Play (I am student in the US), will it be able to work with GSM/3G from Europe?
Very thanks! So tomorrow launch will be only for us resident?
Any news for poor european?
Minnmmmmno mnnkooilplpnoI
So what's Nexus and why are you so worked up about it? A better name maybe is Lastus. As in the last upgrade as it will continue being able to cope, whatever it is.
So looking at nexus devices and updates.I imagine. the Nexus 7 (12,13) Nexus 10, Nexus4, galaxy nexus will all see 4.4. don't think the nexus s will make the cut.
kitkat+Android= Halloween. trick or treat.
google now... glass.... self driving cars.... hot air balloon wifi...  they innovate all the time 
sigh I've heard the rumors and I'm giving up on this device now. I'd rather give my money to a company that has a definitive launch date and real device ready to go than support Google and their rumors of launches of a Unicorn and Leprechaun powered piece of plastic.
+William Diaz Google will have a definitive launch date and real device ready. The rumors so far are just that--rumors. Google hasn't said anything about a Nexus 5 even existing yet because they wait until they have a definitive launch date and a real product.

It just so happens that there has been a looooot of info leaked about it ahead of time.
+William Diaz These "release dates" and rumors have all been made up by trolls....Google never said one word.
+William Diaz So it's Google's fault that people make rumors that fail to deliver and then disappoint you? Since when did they have to announce a release date to please you?
+Shawn Cheever Yes, actually it IS their fault. They put the rumor out there with that damn KitKat video. And they have to please me! I am the consumer! 
+Theodore Von Stuessel lol are you serious? Google doesn't innovate? Perhaps you should research the many innovative projects they are working on.
I love how all the fan boys attack when I say I give up on this silly device. Shows the maturity level and time you all have on your hands
+William Diaz Its nothing personal, I'm just tired of reading comments about people complaining about what Google hasn't said. There is a reason behind what they do and its helping to promote a product by doing nothing. If it works, why not? Hang tight til tomorrow and I'm sure we'll finally see the dots connect.
What are you guys talking about?
+William Diaz I also love the way you have enough time to criticise a company for not releasing a hyoerthetical device on a hyperthetical release date.
No wonder MKBHD said he has a busy weekend ahead. 
Google - Can I haz new hangouts tomorrow too plz? :(
Its like the rumour is getting.....
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+Reinhard Lenninger If you hate rumours so much, you should probably get off the internet. 

Unlike the other rumours, this one was made well in advance, is not based on some conspiracy theory derived from ambiguous KitKat tweets, and is still the only one that hasn't been debunked yet.

Sure it's just a rumour, but to date it's the only one that seems legit.
But a launch without invites? 
Absolutely fake. Don't believe this dretch.
what school do you go to?
I am going to hold my breath...<inhales sharply>
Man!!!! I'm gonna hitting that F5 button so hard.... 
We need to create a Google+ event so that people are reminded and alarmed when its about to start. I don't want to miss this!
right on,i look forward to the halloween special
+Jared Busch I'm sceptical as well but there isn't anything to say that there has been secret invitations :-) 
Well that's crazy, not even a public unveiling event? 
Dom W
I hope there is enough initial supply. Last time I didn't get in the first wave and lost interest pretty fast. Hope the panda white phone is for real 
I can only convey universal blessings and a happy Halloween.
Was at a Google networking event just now. All i could get was "really really really soon" for kitkat. 
Ok. So I'm thinking if only a 2300 battery and no MotoX features, then LG G2?
2300 hrs (31 October) to 0200 hrs (1 November) for us in Western Australia! 
+Jazli Aziz yeah sure well in advance. I wonder who will be the next one to repost some old rumour he made, that it will be coming on Nov. 1st.

And of course the internet is full of rumours and other crap but these Nexus 5 posts are spamming my G+ and making it almost unusable because f'n Google+ thinks this crap is "hot" for me.

Skrew you, Google+!
Not buying it yet (the rumour, the phone I'm definitely buying) 
Where can we watch this announcement?
im checking the play store every 5 mins hoping it might just appear and i will be the first one to buy. lol 
To be clear, I'm not looking on the bright side yet.
Top man. Called it right!
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