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Not even redacting the tool's name. 
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Lol! No seriously, give ME a Nexus 5. I need 2.
Rich S
Having a hard time getting the dox started.  Need email address or reddit handle.
I'm a writer, I'm even writing right now.  I already have a Nexus 5 so I'll just take a free Note 3.  Or a Moto X - whatever works best for you.
Holy shit that's pathetic. Good for you for posting it. He's probably one of those twats that is just tickled with himself for "getting you so good" and "trollin'".

Not as if reddit karma is easy to rack up. Easy to get that much bitching at people and talking about sex toys. That's what reddit's good for, right?
+Chad Cooper In my experience, Hangouts is terrible about notifying about new chats from people not on the list. Very inconsistent. Email is much more reliable (though I've been backed up to 400 unread since last week). :S
wow, that is terrible. On the other hand you semi-famous so maybe this is a good(?) problem to have? :)
60k karma?! Whooooaaaa you gotta reconsider Artem. Think of all those memes and gifs and cats he's posted. 
true. And with that much karma imagine all the influence he has on 4chan. 
Hangouts clearly needs better history management and a "Nuke From Orbit" button. 
I hope you're ready for a torrent of "why not"s in hangouts now that people know that's the proper way to apply for a job position.
I just love it when random people from the internet that I don't know just want to talk on Hangouts. 
I dread to think what any article of his would have looked like.
Ive met this guy! In pre-school.
No, no, you promised me I could write an article about bunnies with flapjacks on their heads.  Why haven't you let me do it yet?
+Andrew Dodd Can I interest you instead in two Nexus 10s and a Nexus 5? Or three Nexus 7s and a Nexus 4?
enjoy your vacation
 (edit: if you're still on it)
How about four Nexus 5s and 0.5 of a Nexus 10?
Is this the thread where we ask Artem for free things and he gives it to us? I'll take a LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition. Ain't nobody got time to manually flash stock Android on a standard G Pad.

But yeah. That guy seems like a major tool. 

pls respond  (´・ω・`) 
I will have what he is having... Seems to be in a very happy place :D
OMG, WTF? I just do not get some people... 
Late to the party. W.r.t. Artem's quote - 
"Hangouts is terrible about notifying about new chats from people not on the list"
For first few months, I didn't even know that existed. One fine day when I had too much free time in my hand, I was going through each of the settings in hangout when I stumbled upon "Hangout invites" where I had ~50 pings from unknown people. my reaction -> :-0
Finding the AP files has made my day.
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