Rolled out a more compact follow widget to +Android Police today, along with the return of the +Pushbullet subscription button.

We've also removed the author widget from every post to save vertical space and declutter the page. You can still see all the author info by hovering/tapping the author name at the top of the page though. 

We're now working on dynamic Pushbullet channels for categories and tags on the site, similarly to +APK Mirror's dynamic channels for devs/apps.

I do have one concern of people subscribing to multiple channels and receiving dupes, which is something I've communicated to +Ryan Oldenburg, and the fix is coming (you will probably just get any given link once, from whatever channel gets it first), but I don't know when.

Since there could be a lot of categories and tags per post, and each Pushbullet button is a piece of JS, our solution will only load them once you want to see them.

OK, back to work.
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