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Source that was right on the money about today's announcements says the Wear 2.0 update is scheduled for November 3.

So maybe it got pushed to arrive with L. I'm not sure. Timelines do change sometimes.
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what was the original timeline? wasn't is just like 4 weeks ago we got the last upaate?
Better order that 360 so I can have it in time for the update :)
Makes more sense to be released at the same time as L. I think we can wait another few weeks.
Yep. I think you're right. I think it makes also sense to release together with Lollipop.
I hope there are goodies in L that haven't been revealed yet... and well Update wednesday in three weeks is going to be massive
Note that Glass update is supposed to happen today as well with the wear styled notification push. Could that have anything to do with it?
+Artem Russakovskii : I assume it needs to be released at the same time as the Sony smartwatch? It has built-in GPS capabilities and would need Android Wear to support it.
+Ariel Vardi There's definitely talk of that watch and its GPS capabilities in relation to this update. I don't have a timeline, but it would only make sense.
I wonder if the bootloader will be locked on the Nexus 6 and require you to unlock it by going to some stupid website or if it's like on the precis devices. Man that would be such a hard deal breaker for me. 
Nexus bootloaders have always been easy to unlock... it's Nexus.
Wear 2.0 should run on API21, not API20 like the current one. They said it would get 21 when they were talking about the delay for the Watchface API.
+Michael Bond that works render all devices virtually useless. Outside of those whose owners buy the N6. Think about how many LG/Samsung owners that wouldn't be able to use their watch for a solid 8-10 months until their phones are finally update to L...
+Michael Bond gotcha.... Thought you were talking about Wear 2.0 update. Apologies...
+Michael Bond Google won't update its search app just for a small subset of users, they attempt to target 2.3+ or at least have a version go that far back (or maybe 4.0). +Artem Russakovskii was expecting Search to go to 4.0.
+Kenneth Qvarfordt mot likely it will be locked like the nexus 5.   Trivially easy to unlock but will wipe device.  Well perhaps not trivial  due to callifornia kill switch bill  they may impermanent there new kill switch from what i understand is a password system.    Due to kill switch law expect all phones to be locked from here on in but some will be easyer then other to unlock/relock.

it must come soon. Any news please comment here. :) 
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