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+Reto Meier +Dianne Hackborn +Dan Morrill +Romain Guy Is it true that the first two versions of Android were called Astro and Bender or is it a myth that spread to Wikipedia?

Edit: As +Dianne Hackborn chimed in below, Astro and Bender were not the official release names. Read below.
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I remembered that A is indeed Astro, can't.remember what's for B though. If I'm not mistaken, they initially want to have robot names for Android versions, but then they face some copyright issues (for example, if they're using "C3P0" instead of "cupcake"), so they changed it to dessert names instead.
The second version was Petit Four.  (This was the G1 update that came out around January whose main purpose was to add internationalization support.)  That came from Ryan, our PM, and his strange "tasty treats" obsession.  Some of us engineers argued that we can live with tasty treats as long as they went in alphabetical order, so the next version of the platform (for the HTC myTouch device) was called Cupcake and we went on from there.

To be honest I don't remember what the code name of Android 1.0 was.  Maybe it was just "OMG are we going to survive this?"  It's all kind-of a blur around that time. :)  Astro Boy and Bender were definitely code names that were tagged on some milestones with plans for using a robot theme, but these may have been pre-1.0 milestones, or plans-that-changed for after 1.0.
hmm, curious... the linked site makes no mention of Android 3.0 Honeycomb. I know it's slightly different than the other releases because it wasn't released  as open source at the time and was only available to partners, but still - it has its own place as an API level, platform hightlights page ( and maintains the alphabetical order (Ginger.., Honey.., IceCream...)
I read somewhere that they were called Apple Pie and Banana Bread. I'm obviously in no position to argue after reading the other comments!
Apple pie and


They have nothing to do with BB and Apple though...
I've always just assumed it was Alpha and Beta especially since the first official public release was Cupcake
+Romain Guy I did say official public release for a reason. I have never seen anything pre cupcake for sale to mass market especially in Australia. Probably only available on Dev phones for development of apps and 'Beta Testing'.
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