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So Google finally posted the Maps 7.7 changelog, and looks like we got it right in

What's New
- See a list of upcoming events and performances at participating venues
- Tap and hold anywhere on the map to drop a pin, save and share that location
- Bug fixes

But I'm confused. The 2nd bullet is not new. We've been able to drop pins for a long time now, and then save/share. In fact, I've just downgraded to 7.4 to check, and it's available there too. What am I missing?

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Maybe anywhere now is really anywhere. Before I tried to drop pins and it didn't allow me to save it on the middle of the country or in places that where not a street.
+Adrián Ayllón Bingo. Looks like the Save/star option wasn't available previously everywhere, but now is. I dropped a pin in the ocean, and it let me star it now, but not previously.
So, what exactly does a venue have to do to show its upcoming events on Maps? Do they have to be public G+ events, or what?
I've had a bug where I have searched for a location using google search app, clicked either on the map or navigate, the maps app opens but doesn't load the address, meaning I have to search again from in maps. Not sure if its a maps bug or google search, has anyone else had this issue?
+Stephen Slattery I definitely had this issue, the bug would occur when maps wasn't in the recent app list, if maps was in the recent app list, no bug. Thankfully it's working fine either way since 7.7 for me
+Stephen Slattery and it was a maps bug, because I have a "Go Home" shortcut on my homescreen that launches navigate to my home from wherever I am, and half the time, that shorcut would just open maps, and then just sit there, no longer though. YAY :)
Oh my god. Finally! It was really getting difficult without the pin drop option. 
You still can't label pins/stars <sadpanda>
+Guillaume Serrurier Again not sure if this is the google search app or maps but the "navigate home" voice command stopped working for me. Do you have this issue?
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