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Some good news - the G Pad got unbricked thanks to XDA member Mixinitup4Christ ( who provided the stock recovery image which did whatever TWRP couldn't do and finally allowed the tablet to boot.

My earlier troubles with bootloader unlocking and flashing recovery are here:


Hopefully, this will help others flashing and unlocking things in the future. 
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Yeah, Don't get too ahead of yourself! :D
Ohyeah. I had that on my N10 - fastboot removed the data partition, and only the stock recovery was able to re-create the partition
+Scott Warner The crazy part is that I tried recreating it with fastboot format userdata, but that wasn't the problem. There was a flag set by oem unlock to boot into recovery one more time to probably format userdata, but because I flashed TWRP, it didn't know to clear it, so it kept rebooting into itself.
Unfortunately, there were recent changes to the chain when you unlocked the bootloader. It used to wipe during the unlock process (right after it, usually). What I'm seeing a lot of recently is that the bootchain is modified in the unlock process, then the device is booted (forcefully) to stock recovery. This is technically a reboot, but at this point the chain was modified and the recovery forces the wipe at this stage. Finally after that, it "restores" the normal chain.

So if you unlocked your bootloader and flash a recovery before the wipe actually happened, then you're going to get all kinds of crazy on the next reboot. There are commands sitting there in a custom chain waiting to wipe things and go back to normal, but at this point your custom recovery is at the forefront and probably has no idea what to do with them.

It can be fixed of course, but it's something that definitely needs to be looked at. In the meantime, like you said, make sure you reboot after you unlock the bootloader and THEN do your other tweaking. That way you're not flashing a custom recovery while (technically) still in the middle of unlocking your bootloader.

Hope that helps. :)
+Alex Paluzzi Yup, and I found out the hard way. Until it's fixed in TWRP, a warning needs to be displayed in big red letters in every relevant TWRP post and TWRP's site. Though, there's a way back now at least.
Yeah, definitely. It's a relatively recent change so I'm sure you'll hear more about it as time goes on. Thing is with the Nexus devices it was really easy to recover at this point, so you were a lot less likely to hear about this problem. (as I know you're aware)

I'm glad you got your device back up and running. :)
This is eerily similar to what happened to my Nexus 5 when I unlocked and flashed a recovery before first boot.  Good thing +Shawn De Cesari was there to talk me off the ledge. :)
Yep this happened to me the other day on my new nexus 7 if you don't boot after an unlock it will not boot

Think that's necessary for Nexus devices, as well? Seems like a simple factory flash solves it, if I read correctly, but it's still a pain in the butt having to take extra steps unnecessarily.
+Scott Wilhelm If factory images are available at the time, which isn't always the case. But yeah, this has been necessary on several Nexus devices lately.
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