You may have heard that the Nexus 5's camera isn't that great. You may have even experienced it in person.

I, too, have been unhappy with the N5's camera for the same reasons, even though Google's been touting the camera as absolutely amazing in commercials left and right.

However, all of the flaws that people usually talk about pale when it comes to the background noise levels in videos recorded by the Nexus 5, and that's something I haven't heard anyone talk about yet. 

Compare the two samples taken by:

- the Nexus 5:
- the Note 3:

The Note 3 audio sample demonstrates an even and smooth background noise levels.

In comparison, the Nexus 5 records background noise very unevenly, with pops and level changes heard throughout. This tarnishes videos taken with the Nexus 5 in quiet environments. When I view the videos of my kid's first intelligible words from a few weeks ago, I cringe every time. I wish I realized this problem with the Nexus 5 sooner. The noise cancellation and smoothing is basically non-existent.

Yes, Google may fix some issues later, but we're talking about the experience right now.

Has anyone else noticed it? What are everyone's thoughts on the matter?
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