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After a dozen tips about the Spigen "Nexus 5" case that's up for "pre-order" and supposedly hints at the Nexus 5 launch date and seeing these starting to pop up on the blogs, I've had enough.

No, Spigen doesn't know anything about the launch date or the Nexus 5 details.

Yes, Spigen is full of it and is cashing in on this opportunity, exploiting the gullible nature of Android fans hungry for any rumor at all.

In fact, I'll do you one better and have +David Ruddock translate my anger into words in ways only +David Ruddock can.

As +Russell Holly said earlier today, more at 11.
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Way to be angry!!! I feel your frustration! 
That one review by that reviewer on Amazon for the Spigen Nexus 5 case screamed BS to me.
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