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WTF is this crap and why is it trending at the top of the new paid apps?

The reviews look mostly bogus too.

$4, no images, no site listed, some random email. How does this even happen, +Android Developers +Reto Meier? It has scam written all over it.
Virus Shield is an Antivirus that protects you and your personal informatio...
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Jim G
It is only a single activity. Someone I follow on twitter found that out a while ago. Looking for the tweets.
Must be a fake, Reviews look fake as ever, not a single permission which is wiered for a security app. 
Those screenshots really show me how erm easy to use this security app is :P 
A Google+ search shows a ton of posts referencing the app on a bunch on bogus blogs. Looks legit! Lol
What's really shocking is that it's a paid app and it's got 10,000+ downloads. 
+Artem Russakovskiiv search Google for "" and there's some interesting things, namely *Buyer (InceptionDeviant). 
Google overlooks these because they are busy hassling real developers and suspending their accounts. 
And it's a shame because that's a really sweet logo
The latest Play Store update allows you to see that these accounts have never rated any other app before. That's awesome.
David C
Unfortunately there is no algorithm in place get around this now. Google probably has got several in place to help with getting apps like this with tons of fake reviews to not show up quickly on the top lists but they have to be extremely careful when doing anything like that. A slight change could significantly affect many developers that are on the level.
Ryan R
So he's pulled in $40,000 or more from this, presumably.

I wonder how much all the fake reviews and +1s cost? 1659 positive reviews and 2606 +1s.
This app only has 8 1 star reviews. That's fake.
David C
Okay +Artem Russakovskii, it's time to make an app. Let's see....charge 1.99 for an Android news app that is just a browser shell for Android Police. Pay for some reviews and watch the money come in.

The terrible thing is that it would probably work 
Leo Zen
What surprises me is that there is still no "OMG IT'S A SCAM!" category when reporting an app using the Play Store app. You still have to use the "Other" category and fill it on yourself.
I was asking the same last month
I have a friend who develops app in the apple store and he did a presentation on the process and I liked it, apple must approve every app before its published and I am afraid that Google need to do the same...
I don't think Google should scan all apps before publishing. But maybe they need to scan it before the app is coming in a top 100 list in one of the categories. (I mean scans by real people not machines)
Alex F.
How do they fake the downloads? I don't think 10K people believed this.
+Phil Priser that's a default title/comment the lazy uploaders like me won't bother changing
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