I have several interesting rumors that I feel relatively confident about but either don't have visual evidence or a second confirmation, so I'm going to keep them to G+.

I'll post roughly a rumor a day until I run out.

Disclaimer: As with all rumors, nothing is 100% until it's officially announced. None of this may end up being true, though I have a good level of confidence in the sources.

Rumor #1. As of about a month ago, KLP's (as it was known at the time - of course, we all know it's called KitKat now) release date was set to October 31st

Dates do change, and my information is about a month old, so if KitKat or the Nexus are delayed, Google may not hit the October 31st date. I really don't see them finishing everything early, so I wouldn't bet on anything earlier than that date. Miracles do happen though.

This date aligns well with a separately rumored October 14th TA (technical acceptance) date for the next Nexus, which according to a source has been misinterpreted by the media as the launch date (see this post https://plus.google.com/107797272029781254158/posts/25VC1sWZHu2 for more info on that).

That is all for now.
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