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Version 1.4.2

Fixed some bugs and added translations.

Version 1.4.1

Added links to this community and to the online translation service:

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Hi everyone! This community is created for discussion about JW Droid application usage and development.

If you have any question regarding the app features, don't hesitate to ask it here. This community should NOT be used for discussion on any topic not related to the app.

If you want to help with application translation, please use this link and follow the instructions there:

The code repository is on GitHub:

JW Droid has a public beta testing channel on Google Play. In order to participate in beta testing, subscribe to the channel using this link:

Once subscribed, you will receive test releases via Google Play as usual updates. These updates are available only for people who explicitly subscribed to the beta channel.

Version 1.4.0

* Updated reports to the new 2016 format.

* New modern visual theme.

* Added service year total hour counters to the Reports section.

* Removed placements text templates as they are unneccessary now.

* Added an option to make an in-app donation payment to support the development (this requires new application permission).

* New placements calculating mode in the Chronometer.

* Fixed a bug when restoring from the backup failed sometimes.

* Fixed a bug with disappearing of old report data.

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Я выпустил новую версию (1.3.0) своей библиотеки для роутинга angular-route-segment. В числе новых фич использование имен сегментов вместо URL в шаблонах, больше опций для конфигурации сегментов.


Старый пост на Хабре:

Комментарии и фич-реквесты приветствуются.

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I've just released new version of my routing library 'angular-route-segment'. New features include reverse routing (fetching URL from segment names) and more control on segments configuration.


Feel free to leave any comments or feature requests here.

#angularjs   #routing   #route  

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angular-route-segment - an Angular library for nested views and routing (as you know, very desirable feature in Angular apps) with some interesting capabilities which I currently use in a few large projects at the moment.

It seems to be very handy and powerful as to me. 

While it seems that this library has very similar goal to what UI-Router provides, there are some important differences between their implementations, though.

UI-Router implements its own URL routing mechanics with its own "state" concept on top of it. angular-route-segment doesn't try to replace something in AngularJS. It is based on built-in $route engine, so that it tries to extend it rather than to replace. $routeSegmentProvider.when() method is just a shorthand to $routeProvider.when() with the simplified syntax. Inner segment-handling logic is built on top of events propagated by $route service, with internal usage of some route params from it.

Such approach makes it possible to accomplish the desired nested routing task in more simpler manner, which produces less code, less complexity and potential bugs, provides better cohesion with Angular core engine and is easier to understand, use and debug.

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