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Contemporary Art - Seaside Roses by Elizabeth Horning

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Revitalize your indoors with the beauty of nature: contemporary artist Elizabeth Horning’s floral paintings are a garden of delight! Exquisitely rendered oversized blooms are central to her work – flowers so vivid and vibrant you can almost smell their heady scent.  Enjoy the lush beauty of Horning’s botanical art in our gallery at

Seaside Roses
Giclee Print
By Elizabeth Horning
Item #: 19002784772A

#art #elizabethhorning #flowers #homedecor #walldecor #wallart
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very very naic 
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Seasonal Art – Summer Ride Crop by Danhui Nai

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Feeling landlocked? Escape to the beach – by train, plane, car, bicycle, or beach themed art like contemporary artist Danhui Nai’s serene and picturesque “Summer Ride Crop”.

Born and raised in mainland China, Nai studied interior and fashion design in Paris and New York City. Now based in California, she works in a variety of media to capture the beauty of the world around her – from delicate still lifes to romantic street scenes to serene beach landscapes. Enjoy more of Danhui Nai’s art in our gallery at

Summer Ride Crop
Giclee Print
By Danhui Nai
Item #: 18550335297A

#art #danhuinai #contemporaryart #homedecor #walldecor #wallart
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Very nice and relaxing. 
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Happy Birthday Peter Paul Rubens!

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Tomorrow (June 28th) is the anniversary of the birth of Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) whose extravagant Baroque style emphasized movement, color, and sensuality. Highly sought after in his day for altarpieces, portraits, landscapes, and history paintings of mythological and allegorical subjects, Rubens even ran a large studio in Antwerp that produced paintings popular with nobility and art collectors throughout Europe, but today’s featured work by this renowned artist is a more personal one:  a self-portrait with his first wife. View more of Ruben’s amazing artistry in our gallery of his work:
Self Portrait with Isabella Brandt, His First Wife, in the Honeysuckle Bower, circa 1609
Giclee Print
By Peter Paul Rubens
Item #: 11727811A

#art #Rubens #baroque #homedecor #wallart #walldecor
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Realy cool, and hello Johnie Watson+1
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Post-Impressionism - Paul Signac

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Boldly innovative, Paul Signac (1863-1935) was inspired to pursue art after viewing an exhibition of Claude Monet’s work, but soon abandoned Impressionism and joined Georges Seurat in developing pointillism and the Divisionist style. Though best known for his paintings of the French coast, in today’s featured work Signac combines figuration and abstraction and portrays his friend Felix Fénéon in static profile against a swirling background of color and shapes.

Enjoy more of Signac’s groundbreaking art in our gallery at

Against the Enamel of Background Rhythmic with Beats and Angels
Giclee Print
By Paul Signac
Item #: 12266405A

#art #PaulSignac #homedecor #walldecor #wallart
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Contemporary Art - Joyful Dance by Diana Ong

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Feeling blue doesn’t have to mean sad and depressed: blue comes to life in a “Joyous Dance” in today’s featured work from contemporary artist Diana Ong.  Bright pops of other colors add to Ong’s dance of blue hues in a lively composition that can lift your spirits and help you start the work week with a positive outlook!

Enjoy a different kind of Blue Monday: explore the many facets of the color blue in our gallery of art available at

Joyful Dance
Giclee Print
By Diana Ong
Item #: 12013717A

#art #DianaOng #abstractart #homedeocr #walldecor #wallart
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Good colour very nice
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Contemporary Art - Kohler's Pig by Michael Sowa

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A quick swim is an ideal way to cool off on a hot day, but seeing a pig dive in is a bit unexpected. Fans of German artist Michael Sowa know to expect the unexpected in his art – renowned for his fanciful, surreal paintings, Sowa combines artistry with whimsy in paintings that often depict animals engaged in human activities. Step into the magical world of Sowa’s art by visiting our gallery of his work at

Kohler's Pig
Art Print
By Michael Sowa
Item #: 10036514A

#art #MichaelSowa #surrealism #homedecor #walldecor #wallart
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Happy Birthday James Abbott McNeill Whistler!

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Born on July 10, 1834 (d. 1903), James Abbott McNeill Whistler championed art for art's sake, emphasizing design over narrative. Though born in the US, Whistler spent most of his life in Europe, studying in Paris before settling in England. Wanting to highlight the importance of design over subject, Whistler compared painting to the abstract qualities of music and used musical terms in the titles of many of many of his works: "arrangement", "harmony", and "nocturne"; “Symphony in White No. III” is a study in color, pattern, and design. A controversial figure in life, Whistler’s art had a strong influence on the development of modern art. Explore our gallery of his work at

Symphony in White, No. III, 1865-7
Giclee Print
By James Abbott McNeill Whistler
Item #: 22111052794A

#art #whistler  #symphonyinwhite #homedecor #walldecor #wallart
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19th Century Art - Flaming June by Frederick Leighton

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A study of serenity and repose painted in vibrant orange, Frederick Leighton’s “Flaming June” captures energy at rest. Leighton (1830 – 1896) enjoyed a relatively long and very prestigious career, but what has become his most recognizable work was one of his last: “Flaming June”, considered by some his magnum opus, was exhibited at the Royal Academy just a year before his death. On this last day of June, take time to leisurely explore more of Frederick Leighton’s art in our gallery at

Flaming June, c.1895
Art Print
By Frederick Leighton
Item #: 13929680A

#art #Leighton #flamingjune #homedecor #walldecor #wallart
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Seasonal Art - Hollyhocks by the Sea by Cheri Blum

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Ready for some seaside tranquility? Invite the relaxing ambiance of a quiet beach getaway into your home with Cheri Blum’s “Hollyhocks by the Sea”. Best known for using cracked linen as her canvas, Blum (1969-2003) painted floral motifs reminiscent of weather-worn Italian frescoes that combine old world charm with dreamy romanticism. Take a moment to relax and enjoy our gallery of Blum’s art at

Hollyhocks by the Sea
Art Print
By Cheri Blum
Item #: 12494480A

#art #CheriBlum #homedecor #walldecor #wallart
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Pretty good
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Vintage Fashion – Models Sunbathing by Nina Leen

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Fashion is continually borrowing from the past in order to reinvent itself in the present, so why not look to the past to give your space a fashionable makeover? Add year round sizzle to your wall with this vintage beach chic image from photographer Nina Leen and the archives of LIFE magazine: these sunbathing beauties are wearing what in 1950 were the hottest designs on the beach! Decorate with vintage fashion photos to make your space pop with yesteryear charm! Visit our blog to view our favorites:

Models Sunbathing, Wearing Latest Beach Fashions
Photographic Print
By Nina Leen
Item #: 13876257A

#art #fashionphotography #homedecor #walldecor #wallart
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Nice .not bad
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Color Photography - Sunrise in America by Trey Ratcliff

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The sun rises tomorrow on the northern hemisphere’s longest day of the year! June 21st is 2014’s summer solstice, marking the official astronomical start of summer. The hottest days are still to come, however:  Earth's oceans and atmosphere soak up the most rays on the summer solstice, but it takes several weeks before that energy radiates back to us.

It’s always summer in our gallery of art at

Sunrise in America 
Premium Photographic Print
By Trey Ratcliff
Item #: 12184578960A

#art #summer #summersolstice #homedecor #walldecor #wallart
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Happy Birthday M.C. Escher!

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Dutch artist M. C. Escher, born on today’s date in 1898 (d. 1972), created extraordinary optical puzzles that merge mathematics with artistic creativity. His ingenious permutations of the relationship between shapes, figures, and space employ a visual sleight of hand that challenges perception.  Step outside the box and into the fantastical world of M. C. Escher’s art: visit our gallery of his work at

Drawing Hands
Art Print
By M. C. Escher
Item #: 10292471A

#art #escher #opticalillusion #homedecor #walldecor #wallart
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wow it is amazing
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