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We've had a huge response to our compiled list of productivity solutions so I'm updating this post to make the links easier to find.

List of solutions submitted to date: http://goo.gl/G9ulQv

Form for submitting new solutions: http://goo.gl/9b99Di

Export tool for Springpad: http://goo.gl/axL1Tu

As more relevant links come up I'll add them to this pinned post.  Thanks!
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+Art Gelwicks Thanks for creating this! It's starting to be a bit overwhelming scouring through all the post and responses to find the urls of the alternatives. thumbs up
Thanks +Art Gelwicks for sharing the results!!  Can I ask that you add a column named something like how good it could be to replace springpad? Or maybe a final verdict/rank? Do you have a personal favorite among the results?
Thanks Art
There's a column (or more) I would like to see: productivity tools/features (Calendar, To-do lists, reminders, ....). The problem with clipping apps (except Evernote) and  curation tools (scoop.it, storify or Pinterest) is this missing feature.
Springpad was unique: clipping app, curation tool, organization tools
Andy P
I tested Evernote to capture a bunch of random web pages and while I'm not so much after the content as curating a collection of links, it did a lousy job of grabbing the page. Pocket kills it in that respect. It pulled so much worthless junk off the page aside from the content I wanted that I just wasn't the slightest impressed.
Try the clearly extension for Chrome. 
Although Pocket is not a real alternative for me, I would like to mention Framabag, the free alternative to Pocket, for those interested.
Pearltrees is by default public notebooks, unless you go for the paid option I believe.
Does anyone know whether you can export data from Dragdis?
Just in case you understand
Hi +Art Gelwicks just wanted to let you know that we (www.memit.com) - Just launched an importer for Springpad!  - http://memit.com/importspringpad 

We hope you like it :-) and please let us know if you encounter any issues or further needs – we will be on it right away in the days and months to come!

We have also been writing with Katin (springpad's community manager) in the hope that she will help us join the official list of suggested alternatives published by Springpad. 

Thank you so much for all the support and input we have been getting from this group all-ready in helping us make this an opportunity. What a dedicated community, that we can only hope someday to call "our own" - under all circomstances its great to see all the effort and energy beeing put into helping one-another.

ps. Can I ask you to correct the memit info in the chart: 

Content in memit CAN be tagged :-)

Sincerely Jan

Mail to Katin from springpad

“Hi Katin,

I am happy to announce that our Springpad importer is now ready from this location:

We have written the details on how the Springpad items are formated in memit here:

We see you have added Evernote as an alternative and import opportunity. Evernote is a great service. However, in our perspective, Evernote is not the right solution to many of the Springpad users that also benefitted from the collaborative / social dimension of Springpad. We, at memit, would love to be this alternative!
Is it possible to be listed on the https://springpad.com/savemystuff page of your site – and in any other places of reference where alternatives are / will be listed. Any work that needs to be done on our part, we’ll of cause be happy to do - to make it happen.
Thanks for your support :-)
Sincerely – the memit team https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7642308/memit_meetup_CPH_2013.mp4 
Let me know what information you would like updated or resubmit the info and I'll remove the old one. 
Thanks for this, very helpful.  Could you please freeze the top row so we can see the column headers while we scroll?  (View menu --> Freeze Rows --> Freeze Row 1)  
Could you also please remove blank lines and fix some links that are not working because the lack of "http://" ?
Wunderlist, Diigo, SomNote and another OneNote too
The vast majority of the proposed alternatives has no organization tools/features, except (in a limited way) for Evernote. Oh well, I still have Lightning...An app with private FREE notebooks would be a plus, and we fall back again on Evernote. What do you think?
+Philippe Lapointe We'll probably do some scoring at some point.  As to the "how good of a replacement" that's a very subjective measure.  I'd prefer our listing to be one based on fact gathering so people can do their own testing and find which one fits right for them.
FYI - I've updated the post to include the list, form, and export tool links.
Somebody took this list and created it in list.ly SHRUG Whatever helps people to find an alternative...
I'll make a guess as to the publisher.  That's fine.  If it helps...

What's unfortunate is that List.ly doesn't have the same data capture critera we have applied so I don't think it creates a complete perspective of feature and function for the purposes of evaluation.
Looks like a copy.  It is not connected to our worksheet.
Yes, I know.  Welcome to the Internet.  :)
If I had £1 for all the content people have pinched from me I'd be on a beach :)
Is there consensus on the most suitable one or two replacements for Springpad?
+Peter Mount I've seen a lot of people comment about memit. They have a Springpad importer that successfully imported all of my data (some have said meta data needs to be fixed). The only other thing I've seen that could handle it is Keeeb.
Hi +Art Gelwicks  thanks so much for compiling this data. A key factor  for me is whether or not the tools supports editing and viewing offline. I'd be glad to add that information as I find it.
This is great. I'm going to Spring it for later. Oh, nevermind. ;-)
Art, how do I keep track of your pinned posts? They keep disappearing from my screen when I come back to this community.
Unfortunately I can only pin one at a time. I'm looking at some other options around organizing the bookmarks... Ironic isn't it? 
Ugh.. I've been searching and searching for a replacement app and nothing is comparable enough for me to like it. Thanks springpad. Such an outstanding useful app and made my expectations so high for other apps I can't be happy with anything else :( wish you all would reconsider this decision -_-
+Patrice Sartor thanks for sharing this!  I've just added some comments to the post to make sure the community gets the recognition it deserves for the effort.

If anyone is interested, the spreadsheet has been viewed over 1800 times since it was posted!

I'll be consolidating the recommended changes/updates to the sheet from this thread and post a summary of what's feasible to implement later today so we can update the sheet and make it an even more valuable resource.

Power to the community!
+Art Gelwicks i emailed and tweeted Alan the link to the spreadsheet last week. Im surprised he paid attention. I told him it was put together by this community. FYI we got a shoutout in a podcast the other day. 
Heh heh...went to look at the list again and it told me, "Viewing document in simple list mode due to high volume access to this spreadsheet"...or something very close.
Ever felt like a lightning rod, +Art Gelwicks? 8)
Lol, starting to feel that way yes.  I've talked to Alan in the past in regards to the old Springpad Show but we were never able to hook up for something formal.  Always nice to see others picking up on our lead.  :)
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