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I use Pocket multiple times a day and my reading freq has definitely improved.
At the end of 2014 I received an email informing me that I had read over a million words in the ‘read it later’ app Pock…
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Art Gelwicks

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Anybody running an Ares 11?
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Art Gelwicks

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So what do we think about the new Google+?
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For me personally it is less visually appealing, but then I have trouble with change. So I am giving the new UI a chance. 
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Art Gelwicks

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Google+ is dead...long live Google+
It would appear that Google has a longer vision for Google+ now that they have stripped out many of it's original core functions (i.e. Photos).  Looking at the changes to the community as a focus on just that...communities and will be inter...
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Art Gelwicks

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TIP - Using the OneNote badge - Adding to a note
Since the OneNote update is out for Android and iOS that includes the new OneNote badge, I thought I'd throw out one of my favorite tricks from beta testing.  The badge allows you to attach your new text to an existing note.  So for example if you create a ...
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OK, Art, thanks. I'm not quite sure how it'll work on iOS anyway if it juts kind of 'float's around on Android.
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Art Gelwicks

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Five Quick Organizational Ideas and TIPs from The Idea Pump
Since this is The Idea Pump (TIP), sharing some TIPs on how to get more from your capture and collect tool (see OneNote, Evernote, and others in that class). When working on something you need to disassemble and reassemble, take pictures of each step and wh...
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Art Gelwicks

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Leaving Evernote - Using Multiple Notebooks in OneNote
As part of my on-going departure from the Evernote ecosystem to OneNote one of the things I've been trying to identify is functionality in OneNote that corrects issues I've previously had with Evernote.  One of the main problems I had for years is the fact ...
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+Art Gelwicks That's a handy feature to have.  It gives the user control of where - and when - they need their information.   
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Art Gelwicks

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This video has a #Fallout4 vibe to it...
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Art Gelwicks

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Art Gelwicks

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It's nice to see that communities are finally getting some of the respect they deserve.
Google+ is changing (if you haven't noticed!) Here's what's new: 
Just because we don’t want Google+ in every single service we use doesn’t mean the service didn’t have some promise. Now, it’s going to try to live up to that with a visual revamp that’s focusing on Collections and Communities.
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I am a moderator for another G+ site & found that since 2 days ago the Approve & Reject buttons have disappeared from posts marked as spam. Have you experienced that too +Art Gelwicks ?
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Art Gelwicks

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Evernote2OneNote - Automating the move
Over the weekend I started exporting all my Evernote content over to OneNote prior to shutting down my Premium account.  Yes, I'm done with the big green elephant.  There's a great tool called Evernote2OneNote for migrating the content of your notebooks tha...
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Art Gelwicks

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"How to Migrate from Evernote to OneNote, and Why You Should"
Heard good things about Microsoft OneNote, but feel like you're in too deep with Evernote to make the switch? You can migrate your data relatively easily – and if you want your note taking app to work for project management, you really should. Keeping up with your to-do list isn't productivity: it's getting by. That's…
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And 100 GB is $2 a month...significantly less than the EN premium offering.
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A solution consultant and presenter by profession, I spend most of my time keeping tabs on where technology is and where it is headed.  My wonderful family supports me in these endeavors and humors my odd sense of humor.

I’ve been in the technology field for almost 30 years now, from the original wave of personal computers (TRS-80 Model I anyone?) through bulletin board systems to web development.  Project management, teaching computers, and business analysis have all crossed my path over the years.

My varied professions have allowed me the chance to interact with the financial, legal, pharmaceutical, military, government, and educational sectors in their use of technology.  This kind of horizontal interaction can only lead one to see how many common factors all these industries have and what it takes to assist the most common denominator of them all…the users.

To quote one of my favorite movies…”I fight for the users!”

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