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I don't normally use Google+ for politics, but Lou Dobbs made such a complete and accurate observation of this year's election yesterday that I've just got to post it. Every word of this is 100% true. He's not as eloquent as I am but he hits all the correct points.

"Donald Trump has almost single handedly led a shift in American presidential politics; a shift that is as profound as it is permanent. For years our middle class has waited for someone, anyone, to take down the culture of corruption in Washington, to drain the swamp that our nation's capital has become. But the inhabitants of that swamp have become over time a federally protected species, and only one person has had the guts to step up and take on the vicious, selfish, greedy, powerful denizens of that swamp who long ago took our government from the people and turned it over to the special interests, the wealthy, the partisans, and of course the Clinton Cartel which emits the foulest stench of all, producing by far the most corrupt, dishonest candidate, and in my opinion, the most dangerous presidential nominee ever nominated by either party. She's crooked alright. Trump says it straight out. The Clinton Cartel backed by the corporate and union lobbyists who have worked together to ship good paying American jobs overseas and our middle class be damned they say. The bought and paid for politicians of both parties, the titans of industry that include Bill Gates, favoring cheap foreign labor over good paying American jobs, passing the torch to the next generation CEO's like Mark Zuckerberg who want to do the same. But Donald Trump has said no more. Think about this.....
he is the only voice in American politics who is risking his fortune, his life, to speak truth to power. The left wing mainstream media fear him as they have no other person in politics or public life. The political left and their house organs, notably the Washington Post and the New York Times, savage Donald Trump daily. They insult him, his wife, his children. All because he is the only one...the only one, who has chosen to give the tens of millions of Americans who have lost their jobs, their standard of living, and until Trump arrived, all hope of ever having prosperity and strength restored to them or our nation. Donald Trump is the anti-politician, the anti-elite, the anti-establishment candidate Americans have been waiting for, and now the question is will the American people stand up for the man who is risking all to make America great again. There is no doubt that Trump is the transformative political figure of our time. He is a true American leader. He is an individual figure of strength. He is an individual. He is a rugged and unique character, not a conformist, and yes, he has courage. While the elites mock him, they try to marginalize him with insults and they can't mask their sudden realization that Trump is now bigger than the mob that our media serves. Better than the establishment hacks and denizens ever imagined could be, and a powerful threat to them all. The rigged system upon which their wealth and comfort is built, and to the puny feeble dissenters, the little bands of Bushes, and Mitt-like minions who resent their smallness all the more in the face of a man of character and force and spirit and loyalty to America and to all that our Nation stands for. They fear him, make no mistake, and they would destroy him.
The question is not Trump's failings and flaws...he has them...but in greater measure he is the man in the arena; and I believe he is the leader this country desperately needs. The question is, are there enough Americans worthy of such a leader.
I believe the answer will decide our fate as a Nation."
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This article says it all.
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#AlwaysTrump bitches!!!

Jeb Bush, Marco Bush Rubio, and Ted Bush Cruz are all out. For some weird reason, John KaBush is staying in.

Obi-Wan Kenobi commented: "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if thousands of RINOs suddenly cried out in butthurt."

The establishment has been telling us for years that we need to hold our noses and vote for "their" guy. "You're throwing away your vote unless you vote for our losers like McCain and Romney," they said. WELL IT'S OUR TURN NOW, BITCHES. You ignored us for too long. We gave you our votes and you gave us a bunch of nitwits who helped Obama do the bidding of the globalists. Now YOU get to hold your nose and vote for OUR guy.

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This ... is the American people speaking.
A feeling of revolution is beginning to take hold. To take back our great country and make our country great again! TRUMP is our man!
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Voice your opinion on the poll: Has Mark Zuckerberg replaced Bill Gates as the worst person in the world?
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And neither of you clicked on the survey :)
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ProTip: if a full size patch panel is overkill for your home network, consider a single-gang surface mount box. It can fit up to six Keystone jacks and looks much better than just sticking ends on the cables.
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Uh oh. Just discovered that the half-dozen cans of paint left behind by the previous owners aren't actually on any of the walls in the house. Now how am I going to paint this drywall patch?
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Oh no!
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Everyone should install this extension. It blocks Facebook from appearing on non-Facebook sites, which prevents Zuckerberg's Evil Empire from tracking your activity all over the web.
Block Facebook content from appearing on other websites.
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This is the user-agent string sent by "Edge" (the replacement for IE in Windoze 10, still not useful for much other than downloading other browsers)

User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/42.0.2311.135 Safari/537.36 Edge/12.10240

So it's Edge pretending to be Safari pretending to be Chrome pretending to be Konqueror pretending to be Netscape.

Can we please just agree that parsing the user-agent header is now completely useless, and just put the name of the browser in there?
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The party of Lincoln, Reagan, and Trump is doing well against the party of Bush, Clinton, Rubio, Obama, Hitler, and Satan. But the NWO Globalists still have a number of dirty tricks up their sleeves. Hoping and praying for the Real Americans to prevail.
(The Real Agenda) The real estate mogul will need to win Florida and Ohio to arrive in good shape to the Republican convention.Donald J. Trump ran the tables
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If my vote was solely based on which agenda I like best, then Cruz.

However, Trump clearly knows how to rally voters to a cause, and hence is far more likely to get the core of his agenda - which I support (wall, trade, military) - enacted.  Therefore, I'm happy to support Trump, as should all Republicans and also patriotic Democrats.
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Neatness counts when building the #mdf of your #homenetwork. I don't understand the people who still fill a room with computer stuff. I did that in the 1990's before we had virtualization. Today an entire virtual lab fits in your laptop.
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After a 25 year record of perfect driving, I missed seeing a speed limit sign and got a very large ticket (hey Yonkers, what's with the 30 MPH limit on a six lane divided highway anyway?). Needless to say I was really shaken up. Outsourcing the pleading of my case to Weiss & Associates was a great move. They handled *everything* for me. The ticket was discharged and I am a very happy driver who will continue to have a clean record.
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