In terms of #EXO5 anomaly the Resistance agents in Latvia have prepared a special surprise. On the night of November 11, 2017 Latvian resistance agents organized an extraordinary operation called 100 Fields Back2Back.

What did we do? We waited for the beginning of #EXO5 anomaly to send it as special greeting from the players of the Resistance in Latvia. November 11 is also a very special day for the Latvian nation, because we celebrate Lāčplēsis Day – a day when we remember and pay our respects to the soldiers, who fell in the battle for the freedom of our nation. This makes our operation a double gift, which consisted of 104 fields over our capital city Riga, with the overall count of 49 068 313 MUs captured.

As all operations, this one includes a precise planning session, which took place on November 4, 2017. The initial plan was to make 100 fields over Riga, therefore throughout the week Resistance agents were collecting keys from strategically important portals. The plan itself was impressive, but, what made it even more spectacular, was the huge amount of work that was done to prepare the region for the operation. In hopes to avoid the suspicion of Enlightened team, on Thursday we begun the cleaning of the area. Since we did not notice any increased activity on Friday, we believe ourselves to have succeeded in keeping the opposite team at bay. Moving on with the plan, on Friday we divided our agents into teams and assigned each of them a task. The plan was initiated at approximately 00:40AM on November 11, 2017, when we began a mass extermination of any block links. 12 teams worked in sync in order to achieve this task. Within a minute the area was cleared and we drew first links to start the fielding process. All further actions were synchronized and were performed for almost 3 hours when on 03:33AM we drew the last link and finished this spectacular operation!

Six agents received their onyx illuminators, eight agents got platinum.

I want to thank all the amazing resistance agents in Latvia! Thank you! Thank You for being so crazy as to participate and make my mad idea come to life.

Idea and planning: @mamucLV

Agents who linked and dropped fields: @mamucLV, @Karlsons, @Lindasha, @Vimba, @CarminaFox, @Pompejs, @Quubi, @Tonksa, @Eselts, @Maihlsons, @Danzijs, @MrMusha, @StulbsArNazi, @Tuudalish, @rovino, @Erufa, @Svenz, @MazsViirish

Agents who cleaned that mess before operation: @Josifs, @Xelluc, @Pincerbobs, @Pudzha, @DAMEDS, @ChiefPants, @Ilkne, @Kreicis, @raimondospils, @xakepis, @salikspils, @Marex777, @Thuringweth, @maziinais, @rupucis2008, @samurajs45

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