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I think Google+ and Facebook are way more similar than you could expect. After playing around for a couple of hours me Google+ is “Facebook with a twist”. Circles is a nice twist, hangout is kind of Chat roulette among friends and so on.
please share your thoughts about Google+
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naaaa!!! a privacy hacker to me :P
I do agree, but its good alternative to facebook, and as I hate facebook, so I think most of those people who stopped using facebook would find this a good option to use. ;)
read somewhere that Google+ has already crossed Facebook sign ups in a week. seems like Its going to throw facebook out of industry now.
its still early days for Google+ but it'll give Facebook a run for its money... let's see who gets the top spots in social media / networking sites...
still the google plus has no option for Business Communities, like fan pages or others
Google+ has to go a long way forward... still in testing phase... will add applications with time... still its remarkable how fast it is a front-runner in social media race... :)
business pages are still missing , i think it is in testing process. but right now the business community is missing
Yup +Arslan rauf its kinda true but circles is a lot easier then facebook privacy concept.
But we can not make fan pages and group on google + which is plus point for facebook
I would go with Salman Saleem...G+ is still new and we will see many more new options to be integrated in very near future. Although it will be a bit pre mature to commit but I can see G+ as a new revolution in the domains of Social Media Marketing...
d'abord merci de nous avoir donné la chance de créer des contacts si facilement et pis trouver des gens qu'on a perdu de vue depuis longtemps .merci encore mille et une fois
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