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Yahoo is suing Facebook, and Jon Brodkin has the analysis on the features in question. Share your thoughts with us on this story.
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They are rich and they will use the social justice for solving their problems.
So, uh, in that case Yahoo!: What the hell happened? Or for that matter, didn't?
I, for one, really am getting sick of all these lawsuits. AFAIK, there's only so many ways to program similar things.
I'm just worried that this might be the opening of Pandora's box on the Mutually-Assured Destruction that the patent landscape has become, especially when it comes to web-technology companies (no hardware, just services).
Good grief, another one. Just think if all these patent trolls invested the money they are paying layers into R&D...
Wtf? This came out of no where! Is this Yahoo getting desperate? I'm very concerned lol
+Thiago Macieira That's what I'm saying. I mean they have been going through alot in the management position with executives dropping left and right but really? Facebook? That sounds like they are running out of options and wants someone to blame to put them out of their shame and misery.. Sad
You guys know that this isn't the first time Yahoo has done this right? Their M.O. has been to wait until close to a company's IPO date to file these kinds of suits. The companies focused on going public don't want Yahoo's albatross fouling the IPO (or the big payday that typically follows investors, executives and financial advisors), so there is great pressure for them to settle with Yahoo, either monetarily, or better yet, with shares. I seem to remember Yahoo pulling this shit on amazon, back when they went public (though I could be wrong about that).
So, how does the current copyright and patent regime "promote the progress of science and useful arts"? How?
Yahoo did also just announced a significant layoff. Shades of AOL...
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