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Six ways to fix copyright, right now. What will legislators say to these?
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We know better than you. kthxbye.
Probably nothing...probably no one will submit it in Congress.
As long as legislators are lobbied by big content, we'll see nothing but more and more power and protection in the hands of big content.

This article doesn't mention the fact that the United States is not in a position to act alone in terms of copyright without breaking international treaties that grant US authors, etc, the same rights overseas. US copyright law was radically altered in order to join the Berne Convention. Making any major changes to copyright law could have repercussions.

The DMCA is another beast altogether, though. It was outdated the day it was signed into law. I completely agree with the article when it comes to introducing consequences for abusing it.
if you view copyrights as a tool to encourage creative works these are reasonable modifications, If you view copyrights as tools to increase the wealth of copyright holders they're not very good.
They will say BWAHAHAHA as they cart their cartel donations to bank.
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