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Clowns. I hope the city of San Francisco continues forward with its lack of Mac purchases based on Apple dropping from EPEAT in the first place.
Non repairability and upgradability and recyclabilty IS a big issue.
If Apple weren't among the bottom of major tech companies in overall "greenness", you'd have a valid point, +Ken Clive. Honestly, though, I don't really care about it. I just hate Apple and their sue-everyone-because-the-retarded-USPTO-gives-us-a-ton-of-patents-nobody-should-be-granted philosophy.
Hopefully all of this attention will help with getting the standards updated and keep them relevant. 
+Ken Clive I think you've brought up a good point, in that there are significant problems with the underlying patent system. Should some of the patents in question have ever been granted? Could Apple find better ways to protect legitimate intellectual property without looking like asses? Are the courts savvy enough to understand just what all is going on and rule accordingly? I think those are all good questions that this whole conversation has brought up. We just need to be patient while it all sorts itself out.
Looks like they're the ones using it offensively to shut down competition, +Ken Clive . Everyone else is just countering to stay alive.
+Ken Clive - You are correct in that Apple is not the only one abusing it, but where other companies are just kind of proverbially slapping people around, Apple is stabbing infants in the eye, you might say. They're abusing it on a scale significantly above and beyond any other major tech company. Even the famed Larry Ellison of Oracle, as ruthless a businessman as exists today, hasn't gone this far.
And on top of the ongoing joke in Cali courtrooms I find it weird that Lucy Koh is even considered fit to be the judge in the light of her former employer, yea that's right it's Apples longtime law firm that handle all their litigations...
+James Barr apple is definitely not near the bottom of tech companies in overall "greenness". On the contrary they are closer to the top
That's just in one aspect of product use. The data centers.

What about the types of materials used in products? The waste from the created products or the waste from recycling? Energy efficiency of products.

That one article is not enough to support your hypothesis
You see what you want to see, +Justin Oroz. Check the "greenness" of their Chinese manufacturing and lay your case out with some evidence, rather than just saying what looks to be your opinion on the matter?
Stopped reading that article as soon as it associated nuclear power with being dirty, like coal power. "despite the fact it generates its power largely from dirty coal and nuclear, which runs counter to a general trend toward a desire for greener sources of energy."

Nuclear power is the cleanest damned power we can produce on a large scale.
If you read further it says only like 30% of the power is nuclear. Rest is coal.

I think, I dont wanna reread it haha
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