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You complain too much.  I used the same data transfer tool and while it was cumbersome, it was effective, and once it was done, it was done.
The tool isn't the problem, and the fact that it worked for you is irrelevant. The problem is that not only is Nintendo pushing DRM, they are doing it so badly that you cannot get to games that you purchased using their DRM on another device manufactured by them using the same credentials and DRM scheme.
Maybe you can't.  I haven't had any issues with the transfer, nor with playing games I purchased on the Wii on my Wii U.  Besides that, it's not like they really had any other options.  The Wii U is the first Nintendo console with a true online network with user IDs and credentials.  The transfer process is a one-time action that is necessary to tie every single digital purchase you have ever made on your Wii to your Wii U because no such credential system exists on the Wii.  You can't just upload an account and expect your content to be there.

Nintendo was working with an antiquated online system that was beyond simplistic even by the standards of five years ago.  Their current online network bears no resemblance to their old WFC.  A transfer system had to be put into place to ensure data could be safely moved from one system to another.  But the key point behind all of this is that you only do it one time.  If you fly into an impatient rage waiting for sixty-plus VC games, plus Wii game saves, plus Wii system and Mii data to finish transferring, you probably need to get out more.
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