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We are videogame developers


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First 1K downloads! thank you!
Spam Game - Clicker
Spam Game - Clicker
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Hi! I would like to share with you our latest free Android game.

Is a crazy clicker game, and the main objective is: Cover the world with Spam!

In Spam Game you can take revenge on the world for all the spam received over the years by managing your own mailing system.

★ 100 Different themes about body beauty, easy money and "love" for free.
★ Many enhancers to optimize every click.
★ Hardware and software improvements to make the system an invincible machine.
★ Constant view of the attacked area.
★ Increase the scope of the attacks, start in your neighborhood and end beyond the stars.
★ You can also earn dollars per second without clicking.
★ Real-Time day / night cycle.
★ Automatic progress with the game closed.
★ 100 achievements to unlock.

(Note: Of course "the spam sendings" are fictitious, it is only a part of the game universe, no real spam will be sent to any site)

More info and free download on Google Play:

Thank you very much for play it!
Spam Game
Spam Game

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Spam Game, our new FREE Android videogame, available on Google Play:


Spam Game, nuestro nuevo juego GRATUITO para Android, disponible en Google Play:
Spam Game
Spam Game
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Hola, buenos días a todos.

Me llamo Alejandro y tengo una duda/problema concreta referente a AdMob mediante el uso de EasyGoogleMobileAds.

El problema es fácil de explicar:

Creo un banner de tipo "Smart banner" y posición "Bottom" para que su tamaño sea variable y esté posicionado abajo del todo en mi juego de móvil de pantalla vertical.

Pues bien, resulta que en algunos dispositivos el banner se posiciona correctamente abajo del todo pero en otros deja un margen inferior por lo que se posiciona en la parte baja pero no abajo del todo.

Por lo que he podido comprobar en el informe previo al lanzamiento de Google Play se posiciona bien en:

- Galaxy Note3 - Android 4.4
- Galaxy S6 - Android 5.1
- Lanovo A390 - Android 4.0.4 (Probado físicamente)

Y mal en:

- Nexus 7 - Android 5.0
- LG G3 - Android 4.4
- Nexus 5 - Android 4.4
- Moto X (2nd Gen) - Android 4.4
- Moto G (1st Gen) - Android 4.4
- Nexus 9 - Android 5.0
- Nexus 5 - Android 5.1
- HTC One (M8) - Android 4.4
(Y supongo que en muchos otros más)

Al parecer este es un problema común (supongo) por lo que quizás alguien lo haya sufrido y tenga una respuesta.

Muchas gracias por adelantado.

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To The North, available on Android, and also on Microsoft Windows Store!:
To The North, disponible en Android, y ahora también en Microsoft Windows Store!:
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To The North Article (in Spanish) from
Artículo sobre To The North en
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To The North 1.2, big update!:
- Optimization of the size, margins and alignment of interface elements for all screen resolutions.
- Fixed texture overlapping issue that had some elements for high resolutions.
- Improvement of the behavior of the buttons.
- General performance optimization, reduction of APK size, less load times between levels.
- Rain and snow optimization.
- Now the enemies can break crates.
To The North
To The North
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