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We're more than just Mafiosi and Latin Lovers: An Italian responds to Giriraj's attack on Sonia Gandhi

#Stereotypes #Italy #India :)
Allowing a foreign-born woman to become such a powerful leader is actually a sign of India's greatness.
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Arpit Srivastava

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“If you find my stories dirty, the society you are living in is dirty. With my stories, I only expose the truth.”

“It’s hard to tell the truth in a world that rewards you for lying, but without the truth there is nothing. Everybody cannot handle the truth, this is true, but that is their challenge, not yours.”
‘How could I have such vile, such vulgar thoughts? Was I trying to be sensationalistic in order to become famous and rich? Was I trying to impress the West?’
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Arpit Srivastava

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Anti-Corruption Comedy Skits - with CPC's blessings #China

The irony — that political satire had to be commissioned by the party – has not been lost on the social media chattering class. One advertising copywriter wrote on microblogging platform Weibo, “Pushing the envelope? That’s arranged by the party.” One Internet user commented, “They are following orders from party officials when they make fun of party officials.” Another agreed: “When the party needs these performers to satirize they must do it, but when it doesn’t need them they must shut up.”
Corruption is finally funny -- at least, according to the Chinese Communist Party. That's because comedic performances in the upcoming Feb. 18 performance of China's annual…
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Arpit Srivastava

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Ha! It's always a good idea to reserve twitter, instagram etc handles potentially related to political parties ;)

BJP = Bharatiya Janata Party (the political party currently in power in India at the centre ) 
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It is rather disappointing.

I don't regret buying the OnePlus One though. ( It came with #cyanogen   )

Court Judgement:

#Android   #OnePlus   #Micromax     #Smartphone  
Amazing read by +David Ruddock​ showing Kirk McMaster to be the grade A dick I always thought he was. He now joins Steve Kondik and Abhisek Devkota on the complete wankers list.

+CyanogenMod​ is an amazing ROM and left in the hands of every day developers will continue to be however as for +Cyanogen Inc.​ as a company, ran by these three asshats, I hope and pray it fails miserably.
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I'm a Russian Occupant

Russians make excellent #propaganda videos. :)
This creative propaganda video talks about how regions like Siberia, Central Asia etc prospered under Russians, and about the attacks faced historically by Russians from the Polish, Germans, French etc.

Я Русский Оккупант | I'm a Russian Occupant [Subtitles]:
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The Taliban will cheer the loudest for Afghanistan at the Cricket World Cup

Cricket sat easily with Afghanistan’s cultural heritage. The sport bears significant resemblance to the old Afghan game of top danda. Both games involve a wooden bat hitting a spherical object. Cricket’s dress code also proved amenable to the Taliban. Unlike football, where the kit marked out those who wore it out as heathens in the Taliban’s eyes, cricket kits accommodated religious and cultural requirements. “Cricket became one of the favourite games of the Taliban because of the clothing,” Noor reflected. “They were not allowing sports with half trousers [shorts]. In Islam, your knees should be hidden under your trousers and that’s it. Your knees should be hidden because that will allow you to offer prayers.” In contrast to other sports, there is no direct physical contact between players in cricket.
The sport is watched everywhere in Afghanistan, but it is in Taliban-dominated areas that it is most popular.
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I'm glad that AAP won in Delhi so decisively.
The BJP needs to be jolted into performing what it promised.
The Congress party totally deserved its ZERO.

Most People (including me) voted for Narendra Modi because of his development vision for India and his personality, not the RSS/VHP Hindutva ideology and ridiculous campaigns by extremist elements.

A reminder to all the political parties including the winning AAP - the people of India will punish arrogance and non- fulfillment of promises. Do not take them for granted.

People will not continue to vote for BJP, just because of Modi. So, listen to them and fulfil your promises. Ostracize and punish the religious and caste leaders, irrespective of party affiliation, religion and caste, who cause unrest and incite violence, as the Constitution prescribes.

Hopefully, the AAP too will focus on governance instead of drama in Delhi, and cooperate with the BJP.

#politics #India #Delhi #Election
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The 'Rat Tribe' of Beijing #China   #Migrants  
Young migrants who come to Beijing for work or to follow their dreams often look for the cheapest housing--and find it underground, in converted bomb shelters and hidden warrens of windowless rooms, where they can save money, socialize and even find a strange kind of peace unavailable to them in the hubbub of city life.
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Comrade Kim Goes Flying

As 'Interview' is shelved, a peek at what North Korean cinema really looks like

'Comrade Kim Goes Flying' is a glossy and rare instance of the country's cinema.

From the trailer, it seems pretty much like any formulaic inspirational sports movie with some romance mixed in.
'Comrade Kim Goes Flying' is a glossy and rare instance of the country's cinema.
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With a lot more people navigating to their website from India and elsewhere, looks like #ISRO  finally decided that their website needed a #makeover. :-)

Their old one looked like something from the 90's...
( )

Could still look a lot better though...

#space   #India   #Government  
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Why it takes time for a video to load

Just saw this ad while waiting for a video to load...
Silly, but interesting concept 0_0

   #Advertisement   #Cadburys   #Chocolate   #Youtube   #Loading  
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Student, Engineer, Programmer, Designer, Dreamer...
  • Avaya
    Software Engineer, 2013 - present
    Work in the SMEC ( Small & Medium Enterprise Communications ) R&D Division on the development of the Avaya IP Office range of IP PBX systems.
  • Avaya
    Intern, 2012 - 2012
  • Ennovent
    Market Research Intern, 2011 - 2011
  • NSEF Author of Change Programme
    Fellow, 2011 - 2011
  • Birla Museum, Pilani
    Web Development & Exhibit Design Intern, 2011 - 2011
  • Ennovent
    IT Systems Volunteer, 2011 - 2011
  • eCoexist
    Volunteer, 2011 - 2011
  • LetMeKnow
    Manager - Content, 2010 - 2010
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I currently work at Avaya in the Pune R&D centre.

I graduated from BITS,Pilani - K.K. Birla Goa Campus, India, with a degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

A Programming & Design Geek.
An Indie & Post Rock Fan.

I love reading web comics like QuestionableContent, xkcd, Penny Arcade etc.

Was selected for the NSEF Author of Change 2011 Fellowship programme.

  • Co-Organizer,TEDxBITSGoa
  • Core Member, Content & Agenda Team, BITSAA Global Meet 2011
  • BITSAA Student Leader, BITSAA International
  • Core Member,Quark - International Techno-Management Innovation Festival of BITS,Pilani - Goa
  • Member, Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership - BITS Pilani
  • BITS Pilani - K.K. Birla Goa Campus
    Electrical & Electronics Engineering, 2009 - 2013
  • Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane
  • International School, Patna
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Room Breakは脱出を素材にしたアドベンチャーゲームです ゲームの目的は、簡単です。 皆さんは、特定の状況や特定の空間に閉じこめられるようになり、そこのドアを開けて脱出すれば良いです。 このバージョンでは、エピソードのいくつかを購入する必要があります。もちろん、ドアは簡単に

India's Tryst With Destiny

By Robert D. Kaplan and Michael Nayebi-Oskoui India could offer the world a signal electoral drama next spring, with geopolitical repercussi