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I voted for the first time ever today in the Lok Sabha General Elections from Pune. :-)

My finger was 'inked' to indicate that I'd voted.

#India #Elections2014 #Vote4India
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How to uninstall McAfee Antivirus - By John McAfee

Wow. 0_0
Not sure how I haven't watched this before...

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Oh my. This is hilarious! :-D

#Project   #Management   #Expert  
My life as a freelance developer summarized. 
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Modi / BJP have interesting online ads... 0_0

I first thought: Huh? How did one of those irritating "antivirus" ads get mixed up with a #Modi4PM ad?

#India   #Congress #Virus   #Elections2014   #advertisements  
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U.S. Freezes Putin's Netflix Account #Sanctions ;-)

“I’m sure I don’t need to remind the Russian President that ‘Game of Thrones’ is about to come back for another season,” he said. “As I have said, this thing could get very ugly, very fast.”

0_0 #Crimea #Ukraine
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That's a serious escalation of hostilities right there.
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Lost...and Gained in Translation

"What if the translator chose to capture every originality and turn of phrase and onomatopoeic word when rendering a text into English? The words and the grammar might still pass the OED or the Wren-and-Martin test, but wouldn’t the final version be a mongrel without any literary integrity, the classic washerman’s ass, belonging neither to the home nor to the steps leading down to the river? (That didn’t sound so good in translation, did it?)

I'm not sure why the author thinks that the 'work would be without any literary integrity' - whatever that means. If it means not using any words that are not in the target language's dictionary, that's ridiculous. I don't think there's any way you could convey the nuances of another culture to the reader without using their words. Plus, languages absorb words from other languages due to cultural, political and other influences.

*I actually like it when books introduce the actual words/phrases from the native language (the original language in case of a work translation, or of the culture depicted in the story ) to the reader (with the meaning as a footnote. Or, included cleverly in the text as a dialogue - perhaps between a tourist/disciple and a tour guide/guru ).*
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Utang.english of this
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Arpit Srivastava

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The Masks We Wear...
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Congratulations, You Have Been Martyred!

Syria's jihadists take on #FlappyBird with new low-tech games that target enemies in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

o_O  ( This article wasn't published today... )
Syria's jihadists take on Flappy Bird with new low-tech games that target enemies in Iran and Saudi Arabia.
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Arpit Srivastava

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Me too.
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Me too.
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A Programming & Design Geek.
An Indie & Post Rock Fan.

I love reading web comics like QuestionableContent, xkcd, Penny Arcade etc.

Was selected for the NSEF Author of Change 2011 Fellowship programme.

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