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Aron Knifström

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Big world, small planet : välfärd inom planetens gränser
Författare: Mattias Klum och Johan Rockström
ISBN: 9789171263391
Språk: Svenska
Utgiven: 2015-07
Antal sidor: 206
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Aron Knifström

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Det här förändrar allt : kapitalismen kontra klimatet
Författare: Naomi Klein
ISBN: 9789170379109
Språk: Svenska
Utgiven: 2016-06
Antal sidor: 654
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Aron Knifström

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Cykeln in i planeringen tidigare


CROW: Design manual for bicycle traffic
Anses av många som den internationella bibeln för cykeltrafikplanering.
388 sidor av best practices, exempellösningar och designprocesser.

SKL: Vägen till ett cyklande samhälle – Goda exempel på kommunal cykelplanering

SKL: TRAST, hållbart resande i pratiken. En serie skrifter på temat hållbart resande. vissa är gratis, andra kostar.

Trafikverket/SKL: Rätt fart i staden: hastighetsnivåer i en attraktiv stad (PDF)

World Economic Forum: How bikes and buses helped Bogotá go green

Cycling Embassy: Adaptive streets – handbok med många exempel på bra strategier och gatuutformning för cyklister.

Cykelplan Ludvika 2011
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Cykeln in i planeringen tidigare Vi anser att cykeln måste integreras fullständigt i trafiksystem och planering. Planering och drift ska ske på samma professionella sätt som för biltrafiken. Nyttan av ökad cykling måste in i planeringsprocessen, liksom hälsonyttan och det faktum att cykeln inte belastar miljön eller utsätter andra för olycksrisker på samma sätt som …
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Aron Knifström

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Melted Seas ice of Arctic Sea by NASA. More see at Sea detail index! Badman Nishioka/rainforest action group/HUTAN Group/
Explore and learn about changes taking place in the Arctic over time with interactive maps of satellite data.
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Aron Knifström

Open Source in Mobile  - 
Hi is there any way to get a 100% free software or open source tablet? What options are available in hardware and software? I think about getting/fixing a tablet but want it to run free software or open source.
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Have you considered using CyanogenMod?
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Aron Knifström

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Vår tid är nu : tio hoppfulla perspektiv på klimatkrisen
Författare: Svante Axelsson
ISBN: 9789170378645
Språk: Svenska
Utgiven: 2015-09
Antal sidor: 184
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Aron Knifström

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City of Toulouse Drops Microsoft Office for LibreOffice and Saves €1 Million ($1.34 Million)

More and more European cities are moving away from proprietary solutions to open source software in order to save money and to encourage people to use free applications. Cities from Germany, Italy, and Portugal made some very difficult choices and managed to adopt various open source solutions.

Getting rid of proprietary software and installing a free application might seem simple enough, but in fact there are also some costs that need to be taken into consideration. If the city of Toulouse was using Microsoft Office, for example, all they had to do in order to get a new version was to pay for the updates and that would be pretty much it.

“Software licenses for productivity suites cost Toulouse 1.8 million euro every three years. Migration cost us about 800,000 euro, due partly to some development. One million euro has actually been saved in the first three years. It is a compelling proof in the actual context of local public finance,” also says Erwane Monthuber, the person responsible with Toulouse's IT policy.
The French city of Toulouse has migrated all its desktops to LibreOffice and saved €1 million ($1.34 million) in the process. More and more Euro...
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Aron Knifström

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A 3D model of the fruit fly's brain's neurons has been made. It was developed by inventing a variation of the x-ray diffraction technique invented by chemists for determining the 3-dimensional structure of molecules.
Mapping the 3-D network structure of a fly’s brain is a major step forward. But it took 1,700 person-hours to complete, meaning that human labor will be a significant bottleneck for future advances.
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Aron Knifström

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Vim 8.0 released!

Hello Vim users!

Announcing: Vim (Vi IMproved) version 8.0

This the first major Vim release in ten years. There are interesting
new features, many small improvements and lots of bug fixes.

Among the new features are:
- Asynchronous I/O support, channels, JSON
- Jobs
- Timers
- Partials, Lambdas and Closures
- Packages
- New style testing
- Viminfo merged by timestamp
- GTK+ 3 support!topic/vim_announce/EKTuhjF3ET0
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